Saturday, 9 February 2008

Change Values for Survival. Do not Comply!

Four words, one reality. Unavoidable truth expressed in words, a truth so deep and clear as to be a necessary message to all people, to all my brothers and sisters.

I have spent most of my life on the healing path, firstly to heal my own wounds, so that I may breath freely, relax deeply and enjoy my being. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, to ensure that I do not inflict the same wounds upon my own children. Thus they might too breathe freely, relax deeply and enjoy their being.

That is the best possible gift I could give them. Peace as an internal reality

Much of that healing has been through taking responsibility for my diet, my thought processes, my actions. A bumpy path, with many ‘wrong’ turnings, yet something in me keeps me to the path. That something I have come to sense as my innate nature.

I recent years I have also spent much time attacking the structures that caused my wounding, by exposing them and by taking the piss out of them. A sense of humour is a great gift to receive, and a necessary tool!

I have also devoted time to researching alternatives that are truly healthy and in that now common phrase, sustainable.

One of the things I know for sure, is that consumerism, market economies, power exercised over people and much else of what is taken a granted by industrialised peoples is not sustainable.

The industrial revolution started the process whereby most people did not grow their own food, but worked for money, and generally a pittance at that, so that they could buy food, inserting a middleman in the chain between food and eater.

Ignorance is not not knowing, ignorance is ignoring what is

That middleman does not exist in nature, and there’s the core of the problem. That fact is that in nature all living entities, from the microscopic to the macroscopic, have a direct relationship to their food, their nourishment. As lungs to oxygen. Eyes to light.

Nature ensures that all living entities have access to what they require to reach their full potential, and that in the process of reaching towards that potential, they also guarantee all other living entities the resources required for reaching full potential, notwithstanding ‘shit happens’ as in natural ‘disasters’ or being eaten…….shit is not waste, it is a resource, if treated in the correct and natural way.

Given the complexity and perfection of nature, the exquisite beauty and balance of the vast system that covers the surface of our planet, it does not make sense that this is a mechanical mindless process, but an intelligent one. The seed must ‘know’ that it is to be the plant, and must know how to become that plant, or at the very least be able to learn how to become that plant. As must all living creatures.

The culture into which I was born is by design quite different, insofar that access to resources is controlled so as to alter the innate behaviour of those that are controlled, be they plant, animal or humane being. That control necessitates the abuse that I experienced as a child. It necessitates the abuse of billions of animals which we ‘farm’ for food. It necessitates the enslaving or exploitation of plants in much the same way, insofar that the natural life path of plants is controlled, carrots are planted in lines, forests are destroyed etc etc..

The controller is the middleman, the interventionist in the process of life.

In nature all is food, and thus food is generally speaking, abundant. Strangely enough though, obesity is not common place, nor is starvation, in natural systems. Neither is existential insecurity as we experience it.

In Danger of Falling Fruit.

Permaculture seeks to replicate those systems in such a manner as to obviate the ‘clear the land and grow food in lines’ for profit way of doing things.

Bill Mollison made a great video about permaculture forest gardening entitled “In Danger of Falling Fruit” …….. as opposed to the Danger of falling bombs, as espoused by our governments, as the way towards ‘freedom‘ and ‘democracy‘.

As ever, old Bill expressed a profound and beautiful truth in pithy terms, with no wasted words. A beautiful human being who with David Holgrem, has bequeathed us with an opportunity to get ourselves out of the mess we are in. Perhaps that was the only danger in the garden of Eden. Would that it were the only danger facing us today!

Alice Miller and Carl Rogers are two others whose observations ring true in a similar manner, with respect to how we treat children and how we treat each other.

If, in my life, I could add to, or share those great gifts, even in the slightest way, then I would judge my life worth living, beyond the sheer joy of being alive, which as ever I regard as a great mystery, a profound gift for which I am ever grateful.

We can do this!

To subvert the systems of control, we need only to not give them our compliance. If nobody enlists, there can be no war. If we grow our own food, we do not need the money nor do we need Tescos. If we don’t watch television, we don’t need the BBC. If we sing our own songs, we don’t need Bono, nor do we need the Rolling Stones.

If we are prepared to be visionaries, we would need no movies nor would we need scripture. If we think for ourselves, we will need no leaders. We are born, each and every one of us, with innate wisdom and a great learning ability. Our expressions would be the sharing of that which enriches us all. Open sourced.

Change values for survival and thrivival.

kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Planetary Citizen said...

so i just finished reading your blog & read it out loud so as to share it wif my friend christy...what a wonderful read...have u heard of linda woodrow? check out a book 'permaculture home garden' - she lives in nrthn nsw on a community black horse creek, think bill mollison wrote the forward..brilliant book... oh & if u have a chance, check out a film i just uploaded on our website -
the words & wisdom of hh 17th karmapa of tibet on veganism x

corneilius said...

Thank you for that! Will check it out.

Be great to make Planetary Citizen the new PC.