Thursday, 21 February 2008

Nature Works!

And this we know to be one of the fundamental truths of our very lives.

Nature works beautifully, and in doing so provides every living thing within nature the resources to meet those beings needs so that each can grow towards full potential, from microbes to the largest whales!

Nature does this by sharing those resources, through the growth of each living being and through constant recycling, thus creating no waste.

We would do well to mimic natures observed proceeses and innate values - in general resources are not witheld from those that need them, and there is ample evidence of widespread altruism in nature too!

Nature is not a series of mechanical processes that science of old held, there is a sentience and intelligence at work here. Just because we do not speak the lingo, does not mean the inhabitants are stupid..

Western Civilisations idea that the human being is the most intelligent creature here, or that humanity is to dominate nature and exploit nature are blatantly untrue. We are differnet, yes, and so are all living beings.

It follows that there must be something within all living beings that allows them to get information and to respond appropriately to that information so as to thrive.

Current research into the heart suggest that the heart is also a sensing organ, and that the heart can transmit and receive electromagnetic signals. The heart emits an electromagnetic pulse that is 5000 times greater than that of the brain.

Find out more about this incredible research and what it implies.............

Note too that in school the heart is sentimentalised, through literature and a false evelevation and portrayal of science, and thus the conditioned brain is favoured as an information processor.

Without access to that part of us that connects to, is integrated with therefore accurately and reads nature, it is no surprise that so much of what we, in the westernised post-idustrialised world do that does not work, and is in fact destroying the vary basis for healty life, for all life.

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