Thursday, 28 February 2008

Free Will and Indoctrination

Free Will and Indoctrination

Two concepts at odds with each other. One much vaunted, by those who gloat over their ability to control others whom they indoctrinate, above all else. The other seen, rightfully so, as a threat by those who value their integrity as humane beings.

Children sense that threat, though being small and vulnerable, they must acquiesce, in order to survive. It is unfortunate for so many that they forget this acquiescence.

Those that organise the indoctrination of others rely upon that forgetting for the only source of their power, and thus those who recall the resignation of their acquiescence, and recover their free will, are the ones who will no longer comply with those who indoctrinate.

As it is with taxation, under current circumstances, so terribly demonstrated in Iraq and Afghanistan. So many horrors, daily fare for those we have abandoned. Can you imagine the pain, the terror, the wounds those people must live with?

As it ever has been, since the city states first formed and centralised governance based upon might, a governance that feeds upon the forced labours of people, that exercises the supreme ’right’ to kill, to imprison, to torture and to bomb, and so darkened the lives of human beings, and of natural creation

The tide must turn.

Will you turn it? Will you be of the rocks, the beaches, the cliffs that repel that tide, so that your children, and theirs, may walk freely upon this Earth? Will you recover your free will? Will you reclaim your soul? Will you refuse to comply with the indoctrinated systems of fear and retribution, the powers of the wrathful state, the folly of the consumer capitalist dance of death?

For that is the first step in the rebellion that must take place if we are to truly honour the miracle of our children. Parents who have reclaimed their souls, who have seen the truth of the indoctrination will know at their very core the base crime it is to indoctrinate, and will not do so.

A generation of children allowed to grow naturally, to express their true identity, to read with their own innate intelligence, the world around them, will naturally resolve the issues we are all faced with.

They will also inspire their parents in ways that their parents, and their wider community and extended family cannot but be grateful for.

The real battle is won internally, without recourse to violent confrontation, in the reclaiming of our free will, our very soul, our ability to love unconditionally. This battle is the one those that seek to control us fear the most. That is why the weapons of mass distraction are so sophisticated, so relentless.

That is why the internet is feared, that is why there are attempts to enclose the web, to integrate censorship, to flood it with banal distraction and pornography, as it is where free will may reign, it is where conversations may take place that can assist in the internal battle, for we soul seekers in the west are beginning to realise that we are not alone, we are not isolated and that we are not mad.

As we reclaim our souls, as we release ourselves from the bondage, from the mental slavery, from the fear, as we reach nirvana, as we assume our birthright of enlightenment, we will then have the sweet question of what to do with that free will.

The further work will be strenuous, will tax us to our limits at times and yet is underpinned by the true essence of nature, our own nature, the very spirit of life. It is not to be taken too lightly, though it must be taken with delight. It is a work that is a mirror of natures amazing ability to feed and nurture all living beings that exist.

One must be happy to assume this work. Proud, determined, convinced and at ease with the role we must, each of us, play. Each of us the saviour. If we so chose.

Free will.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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