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Yes We can!

Obamas latest video juxtaposes various singers against his electioneering phraseology and uses slick marketing techniques to make him attractive. It appalls me that otherwise intelligent friends of mine, not to mention millions of other people, are taken in by this sort of thing. So here's my reply!

Yes we can, yet not the way THEY prescribe! Here's why.

The progression of what can be called 'urban culture', the culture of the (scare)city has evolved through interfering with the naturally evolved, direct and sustainable relationship between people and their food. A middle man was created. A violent one at that.

Thus the creation of the Wrathful Gods of the Sky and Beyond, as opposed to beneficient Gods of the Woods, the Plains, the Sea and the Rivers, evolved to redirect peoples awareness away from what is all around us, away from what nurtures us in abundance, to what exists in the suitably conditioned mind. The process starts with the indoctrination of the children. The work ethic is amyth of Imperial Culture.

Given that we KNOW that indigenous aboriginal peoples are fitter, happier and more or less in tune with their habitat where as we are less healthy, deeply unhappy and obviously out of tune with our habitat, it makes sense to me to re-establish those prior relationships within the infrastructure that exists.

For example Cuba, a country of 11 Million People, have managed to convert their entire food production to bio-dynamic permacultural methods, with the resultant improvement of health physical and psychological for their people.

That process also had the effect of strengthening community, as people exchanged both foods and growing tips (valuable comoodities and valuable information) from person to person, community to community.

Most if not all 'underdeveloped' countries could easily do the same. That is a large part of what most of the 'campesinos' in South America are fighting for, the right to live that much closer to their roots, according to their own chosen culture. We can too, though the process will be more difficcult for us. That does not make it any less worthy of our fullest attention.

We in the west are funding our Governments. We are funding our Corporations. Thus we ARE partly responsible for what those entities do. If we cease to fund them, then we are taking responsibility for our part in their negative and destructive activities by withdrawing from them.

That is not to say that those in Government and in control of the Corporations (and Banks) are any less respsonsible for the choices they make, fo what they are doing with our money and energy that is damaging our environemtn, and harming people.

Nontheless, if I pay taxes, a large proportion of those taxes are being used to pay off loans which are used to support the Military Industrial Complex, the Pharamceutical unHealth Industry, etc etc and are ultimately pocketed by the bankers who lend the money. The Politicans and CEOs are bought off with cash, once they have done their jobs. As in Tony "three jobs" Blair or John "Carlyle" Major, etc etc....

I am labouring a point here. It cannot be overstressed.

The best way for us to recoup our moral and practical responsibility is to therefore refuse to comply, to start to recraft our lives so as to recreate a closer relationship between ourselves and our food, our environment, to recraft our lives so that our values are to do with family, community and sound ecology as oppose to consumerism, warfare and amassing wealth.....

We can do this. We know that our governments WILL NOT DO THIS. Those that oppose systme from within are dealt with quite severely, and in such a manner as to warn off others.

To all those who believe (and it is a belief) that we NEED RULERS I say this.

No we don't. What we need are good co-ordinators!

There is a far greater and natural desire amongst people to work together for each other than there is to compete. But since we have been born into an Imperial Cutlture, we were raised to believe its myths, and to fear both it's rulers and the lack of rule at the same time... a common dichotomy, beloved of Catholics, Jews and Islam as well as a quite few others......

Nature is self-organising, it is a sentient process and we are fundamentally of nature, moreso than we are of the Imperial Culture. Of course the conditioning is profound and held in place, as I have said, by fear.

The antidote is love, and the source of love is a heart felt awareness of who we really are and how fortunate we are in being on this Earth, with all the freely avilable abundance that is nature.

The history of the vote is the history of a sorry compromise whereby the pain has been transferred rather than dealt with. In much the same way that the pollution of manufacturing has been transferred to China, alongside the drudgery of the 7 day factory week, workers hostels etc etc..... basically the same conditions that existed in 1780 in Englands Industrial revolution, with the ever present threat of death and brutality by the state to maintain the status quo. Chine executes, under law, at a minimum, 10,000 people annually.

Look to your history, my fellow citizens of the UK and the USA. These are the facts. When the 'workers' got the vote, the women did not. When women first got the vote, they had to be property owners! Or married to property owners.

And still today, ALL mothers are as yet unpaid in our culture. Think about that. The single most imoportant human activity, nurturing the young ones, is still a form of slavery. For many it is a comfortable slavery, yet that comfort was the painful subject of "The Womens Room" and "The Female Eunuch" and others, and the truths expressed in those books remain unpalatable for the majority of men in our culture.

No, I do not subscribe to voting for an elected representative who has been compromised. I subscribe to what was outlined in the POWER INQUIRY, a devolution of power to the community, so that Government merely manages as we direct. We are intelligent, compassionate and willing, most of us, to work together... do look at the research done by the POWER INQUIRY, and come back to me - the political and corporat(e) elites have poo-poo'd that research because it is a serious threat to their power.

And for those of my critics, let me say this. My current Carbon Footprint is one 5th of the average of the UK, and it is so by my choice. I choose to live without central heating, without a car, without holidays, without a bigger TV screen, without newspapers. I choose to eat a less varied diet of organic UK sourced foods. I choose to wear out my second-hand clothes. I choose to not use chemicals in my home. All these are choices. One day soon I hope to access an allottment and grow as much of my own food as possible. I live on around £70 per week, I contribute taxes only through my purchases. I am self employed and that's fine by me.

We can, all of us, live well, with far less than what we currently use up of the earths resources. Indeed there are many who do so. We could certainly live without Governments and Corporations that make and profit from wars. The Merchants and Managers of Death. This all boils down to a choice, and it is our choice. It is not fate nor is it an accident.

So, yes, we can. And we will do it sooner or later, or quite possibly perish. Sooner would be more honourable. Certainly more enjoyable. What a mission! And surely, a gift to those to come.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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