Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Alco-idiot (with a silent ’t’ a la France) - a terror orgainsation on our doorsteps!

It’s Monday night, I am watching a riveting lecture about 9/11, CIA. ISI, MI6 et al.

I am pissed. Organic Cider. Lovely stuff! Which makes for difficult viewing of aforementioned lecture.

Note to self : do not drink alcohol after getting up from sleep, on an empty stomach, irrespective of the time of day and expect to be able to take in a lecture.

However I am not brawling in the street. It’s not Friday night. Blessings counted.

When we see reports on the occurrence of regular English Friday night centre of town street brawls, and when we know that the government is doing nothing useful (24 hour licensed drinking??) to help ameliorate this situation, we see evidence of Terrorism, encouraged by the state, sponsored by Alcohol Companies

Terrorist organisations working for the tax-man? What gives?

Well. If one is not of the brawlers fraternity, Friday night can be terrifying….. if one happens to be in the locale. To be terrified in one’s own homeland is the object of all terrorism!

Alcohol, that curious substance, is subject to strict control by Government. Pot, which grows naturally in many blessed places is not.. The government refuses to 'control' pot is because the very last thing our political and business leaders want is a happy, gentle and thoughtful population. Those kinds of people DO NOT GO TO WAR!

So the Government bans Pot! Now you know why.

A daily ‘tot’ of rum was part of the pay structure of sailors and soldiers of the Imperial Military forces in the 1800s.

A tot of pot would have been somewhat inconvenient.

One of the phrases the lecture turned up was “the criminalisation of the state“. Nice phrase!

I understand, from the historical record, that in most cases Government is really all about the legitimisation of what ought to be called crimes. Education (Indoctrination into Obedience, Privatised for Profit). Farming (Pharming - Animal Slavery and Cruelty). Entertainment (Weapons of Mass Distraction, Entrainment To Fear and Insecurity). Sport (Negative Nationalism). Capitalism (Wage Slavery, Commodifying Life). Consumerism (Addiction, Environmental Destruction). Vaccination (Cash for Pharmaceutical Companies, Population Control - AIDS). Health Care (Disease Creation for profit), Mental Health Care (Disease Creation for Profit - Seroxat, Prozac et al) and so on.

Manufacturing of dissent. Another cool phrase. Applies to those who read material that suggests that ‘going after the terrorists is good, but NOT invading Iraq is not”…duh!……..and think that they are somehow part of the anti-war movement. I dissent!

Sustainable Development! What the hell does that really mean? It means the supremacy of fantasy over practical probability. Applies to those who believe that we can live as we do, and NOT destroy use up or otherwise exploit the various ‘resources’ scattered about this planet. Like driving eco-fueled cars and not considering the HUGE cost to environment of the manyfacture of the damnd vehicles themselves. Green? Bloody naive if you ask me!

Proper Gander. Take a GOOD look at things! As opposed to propaganda.

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