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Nazi Germany, Compliance, Families and War in the 21st Century.

Alice Millers work, "The roots of violence in child-rearing practices : for your own good" looked at this, and in particular, the Nazi Ideology and access to power, and came to the conclusion that most people are bullied by parents, by school, by religion, by commerce, by government ... and it ranges from subtle to intense and lethal.

It is the conditioned acceptance of such a psychologically dysfunctional status quo as 'normality', that each individual must take on, that is the source of such mass emotional blindness, as emerged in Nazi Germany, and which can be manipulated by those in power, by way of propaganda, schooling, laws and force.

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What pins it all together is the phrase "I am doing this for your own good!" uttered frequently by those who punish others .... and for the child who is frequently punished, by living through it and surviving, and then shutting down what is unresolved of it, this a survival tactic of the child. The child adopts that same justification/values as ‘good’ and internalises those values as their own. That
process is essentially how the system is set in place.

And it will remain so until the child/adult recognises it, and works through it, for themselves, in their own way..

Bush invaded Iraq and killed Iraqi civilians for 'their own good' - Blair bombed Kosovo’s for 'their own good' ... all of them say this, and then murder civilians (these days, 90% of war casualties are civilians..) ... and we let them get away with it. What has changed since Nazi Germany? Not much, really when I analyse it.

We comply. And that compliance is why the banks are getting away with robbing us blind. Now we each of us can sort ourselves out, by being ruthlessly honest, and at the same time we can work together to spread the word, to learn and to build grass roots resilience. WE CANNOT influence the fundamentals of Governance as they won't listen and will not voluntarily change... Sop we must change, we must break the cycle, because we can : and so we must build grass roots resilience, health and food and a sense of community being of vital importance.

This mission, should one chose to accept it will be lifelong. It may involve laughter and tears, joy and horror. It may be short or it might seem at times eternal. Luckily, nature has ensured that all one needs for one’s mission (essentially just being your true self) is either within you, or just within reach. Apart from those moments when you can’t see or grasp them…. that’s what ones senses are for… as well as for bliss, to which human senses, amongst others, are exquisitely attuned. Naturally!

Comparing Government and people to dysfunctional violent families works really well as a model that helps me, at any rate, to understand why people play power games, and how and why the system is being perpetuated by conditioning..... abusers, justifiers, abused, scapegoats, children who parent the parents, favourites, outcasts, power pyramids, suppression of the truth by all , even the victims, projections .... these are all political power characters as much family dynamics. They all have a tale to tell about their experience, and they all feel their place in the structure, identifying with it. That it is strong structure is obvious.

However the good news is that when the bulk of the family/society refuses to continue to play the abusers game, the abuser has to stop ….and this is true for all power relationships ….and power must then face the truth, or endure a breakdown, a collapse of the shielding justifications, if healing is ever to be a possibility …..

I see no logical reason, no incontrovertible data as to why this is not possible, and certainly none that would question the innate and natural desirability of such. This is how natural humans tick. This is no utopian an ideal.

Utopias usually arise out of Autopias. That is to say, an imperfect condition is ‘improved’ and the imperfect ‘instructed’ by those wise enough. Utopias arise out of mechanical applications of concepts, which is yet again, an exercise of POWER over others ……. Hence my word Autopias. Utopias tend to be perfected authoritarian human lawns.

The best hope for the abuser/power user is in their own hands, and responsibility for that must be left with them, and them alone.

That is why imprisonment has to be seen to be realistic and understood to be applied as a viable restraint, and not as a punishment, until such time as the potential for harm is reduced, by virtue of strong healthy communities, grass roots power and natural balance in the society as reflected in good relationships throughout society. In other words, that POWER to punish is never exercised, or even seen as a last resort.

By taking responsibility for what we allow in our communities, we ensure the safety of each other, and we can then safely absolve the power users of all but the crimes they have committed and the adult responsibility for facing their own dysfunction. And dealing with it. Or not.

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