Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Protest, Dissent and What Works.

Naomi Klein talks about protest and what actually works. As I have written many times, if the UK population had gone on strike in March 2003, stayed on the streets for just a week or two, the UK involvement in the Iraq War of Aggression would have been impossible without a direct confrontation between the UK Government and the people, the tax payers who fund that Government.

We have to look at what stops people from taking to the streets to express dissent, to demostrate our power as a collective of diverse and humane people.

There are the various Laws and regulations that Government puts in place to inhibit protest or dissent on the streets. Those Laws must be broken, by large numbers of people, so as to render them useless. This is alegally viable option, in that it is permissable to commit a lessor, non-violent crime to prevent the comission of a far greater violent crime.

There are the perceptions of protest that the media present. Those who work for the Media and promote such precpetions must be confornted with their actions, by letter, email, by phone and by written criticism.

There are the various psychological inhibitions, imbued primarily through schooling, that are the basis for obedience. This must be addressed by parents, to protect their children and protect their childrens autonomy and intelligence.

And there are the divide and rule tactics that pit us against each other, that comparmentalise people by religion, status, class, sex and stereotypes. This must be addressed by all those subject to such labelling and by the leadership of any such groups of people.

Each has to be addressed and understood by all those who dissent and where they rear their ugly heads, let them be identified, named and revealed for what they are, for that will disempower these inhibitions.

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