Friday, 27 March 2009

"Why we must all do God" : Tony Blair imparts wisdom.... ahem! cough! cough!

The wisdom of Tony Blair has just been published by The New Statesman in an article entitled....

"Why we must all do God".....

My good friends Pulsemedia flagged it up here

"Religion has never mattered more to the world than it does now, says the former prime minister, launching our new occasional column on faith"

Blair rambles on about 'faith' and 'poverty' and his foundation and all the good work he is doing and ends on this warning note :

"The 21st century will be poorer in spirit and ambition, less focused on social justice, less sensitive to conscience and the common good, without a full and proper recognition of the role that the great faiths can and do play. I hope my foundation, in its own way, can work with others in those faiths to help harness their full power to transform our world for the better."

Less sensitive to conscience? This from Blair? The mind boggles at how a) he could utter such tripe, and expect anyone to take it at face value and b) how The New Statesman could publish it...... pour another glass of hubris champagne please....

I left a comment which is pretty much as follows : Italics are edits made for this blog....

The fundamental that all religions are based upon is the imposition of their world view upon defenceless children. That is an abuse. To tell a child WHAT to think undermines that child's own innate ability to think for themselves.

Why is there no organised religion that opts out of such a process, that waits until a child decides out of their own heart to follow a spiritual path? Because natural children sense the hypocrisy of adults no matter how the adults attempt to mask it. And natural children will tend to avoid such hypocrisy unless of course they are terrorised into internalising the values of those who terrorise/indoctrinate them, with tales of hell, lists of sins etc which are core to all organised religions.... more or less. In the secular consumer world, children are terrorised by the prospect of poverty if they do not comform - study to get a job or you will be poor... it amounts to the same thing. Being ones true self is dangerous.

He knows that enough people are religious and will buy it. He also knows there's lots of others who also buy the ' I did what I believed to te the best' - they to believe they are doing the best (and ignore the consequences of their behaviour).

To me it's clear that
Blair uses religion as a cover for his criminality

He works for UBS and JP Morgan Chase who are currently buying banks left right and centre at discount. JP Morgan Chase pretty much owns the Iraqi Central Bank. Thus Blairs reward for supporting the invasion and his willingness to see many, many dead and maimed by HIS LIES is a £1 million per annum part time job as an 'advisor'.

Those who chose NOT TO SEE reality and then publish the words of people like Blair, with out any hint of a critical analysis are as guilty as Blair is.

Bet ya the comment doesn't stay long, or even get published...

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corneilius said...

Comment remains unpublished..... one wonders why .... not!

corneilius said...

Former Judge of the New Zealand Supreme Court E.W. Thomas wrote: "My pre-disposition was to believe that Mr. Blair was deluded, but sincere in his belief. After considerable reading and much reflection, however, my final conclusion is that Mr. Blair deliberately ands repeatedly misled Cabinet, the British Labour Party and the people in a number of respects. It is not possible to hold that he was simply deluded but sincere: a victim of his own self-deception. His deception was deliberate."

From John Pilgers blog,

That says it all....