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Give To The Rich To Help The Poor

Marina Hyde, writing in the Guardian 'comment is free' web pages outlines a fantastic new philantrophic concept designed by elites themselves, the super-duper rich.

"Give to the rich to help the poor? An idea worthy of Bono

Satire? No - a genius really has concocted a tax proposal to put our aid budget in the hands of the super-rich"

"On Tuesday night, 100 billionaires will gather at London's sumptuous Dorchester hotel, to watch Mr Ted Turner in conversation with Ms Carol Vorderman. Ms Joss Stone will sing, and some model or other will be in attendance. Can you guess the aim of this evening, which I trust you would cross continents to avoid in the infinitely unlikely event that you had been invited? No? Then allow me to assist. The aim is to make the government give tax breaks to the super-rich, in order to tempt them to give the same percentage of income to charity as the poorest 20% of people in this country already do.

Feel free to be taken unwell.

Initially I assumed the Fortune Forum, for so it is named, was an elaborate living satire, designed to highlight practically everything that is wrong with contemporary life. Alas, The Fortune Forum is all too real. It was dreamt up by an heiress called Renu Mehta, as a kind of vaguely benevolent mini-Davos."

Marina continues to explore this fantastic world ... She doesn't go far enough. Like George Monbiot, she holds back the full fury of common-sense.

Nonetheless, 'It' has to be said. And both are saying it with some subtlety.

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The hubris of these immensely rich people, often from long lines of generations of wealth, has become, for the majority of people, an almost pathological issue, in that it is an attitude that informs many of the practices which we know are harming rather than assisting life, geared towards gathering and hoarding 'resources' and wealth, and often with great violence, and these super rich people know this, and they continue nonetheless, sitting on charitable boards, with all that is going on around the world, driven by their pride in their immense wealth and paranoia about their 'strategic interests'.

I have re-written the song 'streets with no name' as 'thieves with no shame', as a parody. I don't sing the song, as I find the melody irksome. I do sing 'I don't like geldof' and parody of 'I don't like Mondays'..... Goldloaf at least wrote some catchy tunes...

Both have done more harm than good.

http://www.corneilius.net/songpages/theives.htm thieves with no shame

http://www.corneilius.net/pages/geldofvideo.htm I don't like Geldof

There's also background info on Geldof and Bono business dealings and investments, and an analysis of Label Red, sponsored by Bono, American Express and the large pharmaceutical companies who control aids medicine patents.

http://informage.net/articles/2006/09/18/blood-money - Label Red - Bono and Africa

I have sent this out before, it's not my own research, so blessings to all the various people and ways that info flows.

And it's worth repeating, it's worth all the effort to expose these fools to their own folly, and show them how they can help, if they seriously want to help, if it is to do with their experience of their common humanity, common soul, common nature and common sense!

We'll show them how by doing it ourselves, as many are already doing. Ask Jane Goddall....

Ask the lovley people, voluteers all, who facilitated The Spike community centre evicted by Southwark Council from their home in Peckham! A home the Council are selling to property developers, handing it over to the private sector for profit.... wealth is transferred, from poor to rich yet again, another drop in the constant flow.

One the one hand the rich have charidees, and on the other hand their ideology keeps shutting these grass roots initiatives down.....!

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