Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Obedience, Discipline and Environmental Health.

Here's two essays/articles passed to me by contacts.


"So next time you see a 2 year old running round, singing and dancing, bear in mind that it is not necessarily the case that the child should sit down and shut up. Unless there is a rational and explicable basis for him not to do so, then, quite simply, there is no rational or explicable basis for him not to do so- so let him do so. Or else, explain it to him. Blind obedience to authority is one thing we don’t need any more of."



"For example, the 'solution' to what is probably the world's number one industrial disease, cancer, is to call on industrial medicine to create more industrial chemicals that are marketed as drugs to mask the symptoms of the underlying cause -- instead of doing anything to stop the underlying cause.

Of course this is how a dominator paradigm, which is the dominant paradigm in Western industrial civilization, wants things to be. If they can keep people focused on, or distracted from, the symptoms, they don't have to worry about them demanding change to the underlying cause.

As Thomas Pynchon wrote, "If they can get you asking the wrong question, they don't have to worry about the answers."

These two pieces serve to tie in together the related issues of psychological conditioning and the damage the current status quo of Industrial Society is inflicting upon all life on Earth. And they show the way forward.

End the conditioning. Engage the natural wisdom and common-sense inherent in the people who form the grass roots of industrial society to make the changes necessary to halt the damage and to heal the wounds. Work with nature.

It really is that simple. Honor the innate expectations of the natural child and all will be well for those that do so.

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