Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Empathy and Power : the message of the Occupations

The primary function of commerce, the exchange of goods, is to provide a service, that is to say, to serve the needs of the community; it stands to reason that it must be profitable, in order to sustain the effort, however it becomes irrational when the profit function becomes primary, and the activity – the serving of the communities needs - merely a means to that end.

That irrationality is made obvious by the profits of the military industrial complex which accrue over the ruined bodies of those whose lives are utterly destroyed by wars, launched by the Corporate State.

That irrationality is made obvious by the profits of the various ‘care’ industries, which come at the cost of the realities for those who are being ‘cared’ for, by for profit companies whose primary legal duty is to their shareholders.

That irrationality is made clear by the degradation of soil nutrients associated with modern technological farming, which is the basis of the profits made by the multinational agri-corporations.

This irrationality is made obvious by the turning of the home into an investment portfolio.

No amount of Government Regulation can address these problems as long as Government is populated by people whose allegiance is with the Corporate Profit Centre Ideology.

This ideology re-enforces a lack of empathy at all levels of society and as direct result people are suffering, people are being subject to abuse and trauma, mainstream society ignores these peoples plight, and often blames them for their pain, their suffering, their situation.

The work-shy poor, the evil Muslims, the dirty hunter gatherers, the ignorant subsistence swidden farmer, the ADHD children, the lazy depressed, the disease distressed, the clash of ‘civilisations’, the bling crazy youth, the riotous binge drinkers, the irreligious atheists, the money grabbing survivors of Clerical abuse and State ‘care’, the ‘criminal’ underclass are all urged to change their ways, pull up their socks, join the economy and get a job. Then everything will be just fine.

All these moralistic judgements reveal a lack of empathy that ought to be considered criminal, because it is not that Cameron and his like really believe these judgements – they couldn’t possibly given the massive evidence to the contrary, it’s that they use those judgements to distract and to dissemble, they use these arguments intentionally as emotional propaganda to divide and conquer.

By limiting the discourse to technological arguments, - the arguments about how best to bail out the banks to keep the cash machines running for ordinary people - to ideological debates, - David Cameron’s notoriously moralistic  “proper parenting, ethics, proper values” jibe at the rioters - and by omitting the real pain and trauma from the discourse, and the real causes of distress, - historical trauma, poverty, inequality -  Government, and the media, are holding the fort on this situation.

The occupiers form a large swathe of people who FEEL the pain and error of this situation, and are all too easy for media to typify as good, but stupid. “What is your Strategy?” asks the media, knowing that there is no strategy. This is not about strategy. This is all about empathy.

Put the empathy back into Power and the strategy will emerge. The situations will change. And it is this more than anything that Corporate Power fears and resists at every turn.

The sense that we are one community, one people, diverse and in solidarity, that we CARE for each other as our most basic and fundamental naturally emergent quality.

This is the basis of how we want our society to operate.

1. It's not the role of Business to Govern, nor is it merely to make money. It is to service the genuine needs of the people.

2. It's not the role of a genuine Religion to Govern. It is the role of of a genuine Religion to give voice to a profound and empathic Spirituality in ways that builds bridges, founded upon our innate sense of connection, between peoples, between Society and Nature.

3. It's not the role of Genuine Open Media to propagandise. It is the role of Genuine Media to host an open and honest articulation of the issues the people face.

4. The Role of Democratic Governance is one of Nurturing the people so that the genuine needs of the people are being met, by inviting full participation in the decision making processes related to how our communities function.

5. The role of Genuine Policing is Protecting the weakest people from the most Powerful. To balance any Power Disparity that is adversely applied.

6. The role of Education is not Indoctrination, it is one of nurturing the innate talents of children by LISTENING to the children, by giving them responsibility for their own choices, and by supporting those choices with all the tools available today.

7. The PRIMARY role of Health Services is to PREVENT illness and disease, not merely to manage symptoms. This includes educating the people regards diet, empathic parenting and honest relationships. It also has a precious role in the assisting the fullest recovery from trauma.

These are the demands of the people, based on genuine truths.

At present that are not the assumed and actualised roles of the Institutions of Governance, of Business, of Health Services, of the Police, of Education, of Religion though all these Institutions CLAIM that this is their role. There current role is one of exercising POWER over people and maintaining the Power Disparity at all costs.

That is not to say there are not good, honest people within those Institutions. It is to say that the good people have been intentionally and actively dis-empowered.

The occupations are the peoples statement of this awareness.

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