Monday, 3 October 2011

Self Empathy and Power.

Having studied parenting for some time, I note that parenting occurs in a context determined by  very powerful Societal Influences which are masked - the Vatican harbours abusers to protect it's status (even though we KNOW that many tens of millions of children over the past 150 years have been abused) : States operate 'secret services' that utilise organised criminal networks, launch wars under false pretexts : Schools and education systems use reward/punishment as a coercive technique : Marketing uses psychological techniques known as 'aspirant' advertising which key in on known psychological insecurities in the target audience : all claim to be 'beneficial' and refuse to address the adverse affects of their behaviour. When confronted they mitigate, spin and scapegoat.

A classic denial situation.

A profound lack of empathy.

I have outlined a process that is simple to comprehend.

Let's start with an infant. Take for example the practice of training a baby to sleep alone, by letting them cry themselves to sleep.

The infants needs are not met, and the infant has to 'cope' by ignoring his or her feelings: this process leads directly to a loss of self empathy, because one cannot shut down ANY feeling without compromising the entire feeling ability, and of course it follows that this leads to a loss of empathy for others. Because children's sensitivity and constitutions are massively variable, some survive with some empathy intact, some recover, some 'adapt' and others go crazy....

It must be said here that letting a child cry themselves to sleep is but one of a myriad of practices Society induces that have the same adverse affect.

Nonetheless, if this process occurs to the majority, then that lack of empathy becomes part of the societal norm.

Furthermore this induced lack of empathy leads to a lack of felt connection, and for an infant that is a disconnection from that which nurtures in the natural sense..... this leads directly to fear and that fear drives the urge to over-control. ANY control imposed on any natural organism will generate resistance, and this is where violence enters into the picture.

When any person or population endures a trauma, they will also have to cope, (by suppressing feelings, emotions and memories) and if they cannot resolve they will remain in the coping mode.

Any societal structure they build will have those elements of fear and control built into them.

This is the modern Institutional World, as it was the ancient 'civilisations'. Most Institutional Religions utilise processes that disrupt the natural mother-child bonding. They KNOW what they are doing.

They have studied this for many thousands of years....

James Prescott, Alice Miller, Bowlby and others have mapped out apsects of this.

What we HAVE to recognise is that there are influences in Society that apply this as a technique to embed their control. This is difficult for most to face up to. Nonetheless, it's absolutely essential that we do.

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