Monday, 24 October 2011

Revolution or Emergent Recovery from a post traumatic stress Society?

By the way REVOLUTION is a rotation around a fixed point.... that fixed point may move forwards or backwards, which describes the trajectory of Power throughout History. That fixed point is the use of Power adversely against the most vulnerable, to meet the perceived needs of the most Powerful.

Thus all the prevailing mainstream and political media discourse is about how to 'save civilisation', to 'save Western values'.

The wars underway at present are driven mostly by the 'strategic interests' of Western styled Corporations and States

The values of the Powerful.

And, it must be asked, and answered honestly: who pays?

The truly impoverished, the relatively poor, the vulnerable, the elderly, the native peoples of the world, the environment...... and ultimately all our children pay, and their children will pay unless we - that's you and I, and my friends and family and your friends and family, our neighbours and our communities decide that we refuse to pay that price for the needs of Power.

What I want to see and feel is an emergent recovery from a post traumatic stress based Society, such that we recover our innate, empathic and nurturant psychology at EVERY level of our Culture.... this a long term project, the work of many decades, for all the children's futures (which is our primary responsibility as adults..)

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