Thursday, 20 October 2011

How do we see children?

I re-iterate my point because it is important….

The psychology of any given culture is revealed and perpetuated in how it treats it’s children – to change that culture, WE MUST address this fundamental issue.

The Church and indeed all Institutional Religions sees children as fodder for the expansion of their beliefs amongst the people of the Earth.
The Church regarded Indigenous Peoples, as ‘souls to be saved by Christianity',  and if they rejected that kind offer,  they were to be 'sent to hell', where they were going anyway.

The Corporate Government sees children as future workers.

Ideologists of all kinds see children as future ideologists.

Authoritarian Parents see children as either good or bad, depending on the child's subservience.
Marketing Psychologists see children as ‘evolving consumers’ and source of future revenues.

The Military sees children as potential cadets, who might become professional soldiers - killers without remorse once the chain of command has assumed responsibility.

How were YOU seen as a child, and how do you regard children today?

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