Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The roots of violence are clearly two fold :

The roots of violence are clearly two fold :

1. the disruption of the natural, biologically mandated child-mother bonding processes that occur, in utero, at birth and in early infancy.

2. the cultural or societal conditions of life for the people in that society, which are largely determined by Power.
In the former the fullest support for attachment parenting is crucial, in the latter Social Polices that are informed by what we now know to be true about the development of empathy, the disruption of the child-mother bonding process, the long term adverse effects of unresolved Trauma, of which Historical Trauma is possibly the largest affector.

We know that income inequality, war, adverse religious dogma, indoctrination all generate a Societal lack of empathy and must therefore be confronted.

I am working on a book 'Natural Child, Natural Society' which outlines the reasons why these processes exist, which will join the dots, so to speak in such manner as to present an opportunity for all parents to engage with their own children as Natural Children, to also heal any unresolved issues they might have and to equip activists across a wide range of issues with the same skills, because any activist who has been unable to resolve their own attachment issues will merely create other forms of control, which will replicate that which they seek to address.

The psychology of any given society is revealed in how that society treats their children. The adult world is created in the cradle.

If a child, or adult for that matter, for whatever reason, is traumatised, and is unable to resolve that trauma, they remain in the 'coping strategy' stage, and this leads to a loss of self-empathy, which undermines the development of empathy.

This compounds the fear inherent in traumatic experiences, and leads to a desire to exert adverse control over others (including the environment). Any adverse control imposed on a natural organism will meet resistance, and that resistance becomes the focus of violence, applied to overcome that natural resistance.

When any individual or group in this condition builds a societal structure, those structures will contain expressions of the unresolved fear. This is how Hierarchically violent Societies have evolved. Such societies codify their psychology over time, and thus behaviours such as war, concentration of wealth, racism etc become normalised.

To heal this situation is now the single most crucial work ahead of us.

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