Monday, 18 April 2016

Diagnostic reality of PTSD, PTSS.

"There are no races." a good friend said to me, we were enjoying the sun, sitting in his yard "there are only language groups" and he paused. I though about that. He had a point.

"And" I added,  "some people are socially indoctrinated and have internalized political, ideological or religious identities, so that they think that races exist....."

We are all people.

Fact : The vast majority of us are good, lovely vulnerable people, and we are all refugees because we live within  this war making social power system.

Yes. Up to a point.

Consider PTSS and PTSD.

Post Trauma Stress symptoms. What the person presents.

Post Trauma Stress disorder. What hierarc violence presents.

Quite a difference, eh?

What would be your diagnosis?

The wisest response and probably most efficacious answer would be best based on what evidence we are aware of that can be verified, as a matter of due diligence, with a careful eye to the possible outcomes.

The BBC, for example... as fine an exception to that obvious guide line of scientific impartiality, with their own sordid version, a toxic mime of impartiality if you will, a very careful mime. Which speaks to intent.

""The report explains that schools serving poorer communities are less likely to be rated good or outstanding as they face more challenges because of the nature of their pupils."

 Poor 'lose out in scramble for primary school places'

Blame the children.... Victorian family values.

These guys are professional machiavellan operatives of power.

They are not incompetent.

What they do is planned and intentional.

What is our diagnosis of that, then?

This is a current diagnosis I am working on.

Make of it what you will.

1. We live in a social power system that is Hierarchically Violent, in as much as the effects of what David Smail calls 'distal power' trickle down, and infect the entire society.

2. Lateral Violence is a term that describes the displaced anger and outrage that ought to be directed at those who orchestrate oppression, but is instead directed at peer groups... and this dynamic is manipulated by Power Establishments in the processes of 'othering' - racism, sexism, Islamaphobia, Homophobia, Zionism, NeoLiberal bullying of the vulnerable and the poor..

3. Any unresolved trauma creates patterns of behaviour that are deeply dysfunctional.

4. Europe has been the site of almost constant wars for over 2000 years and these wars are still 'celebrated' by each nation state in it's self created myths..... the grass roots have been subjected to a series of wars driven by the 'perceived needs' of Power Establishments. which are in essence institutional bully systems that compete with each other, using war as a tool of policy. Europe has yet to recover from that dreadful history. The same can be said of Canada and North America and many, many other places.

5. The only way to resolve trauma patterns is to be 100% honest about what happened and to be clear as to the social situation within which the trauma/abuse and oppression emerges.

This is what Gabor Mate and the Native Peoples, and the Survivors of clerical predatory abuse of children are calling for - honesty.

6. It is fully human to face this. That is what it means to be fully human, to refuse to be dehumanised or to dehumanise any other, for any reason. Ever. That is fully human.

7. The mainstream system has always obliterated those cultures that were more egalitarian because their existence provides evidence of an 'alternative' or 'alternatives' ( the older cultures were much more diverse than the mainstream culture claims to be)..

PTSS , PTSD,  Post Trauma Stress Symptoms, Chronic Trauma, Integenerational Trauma. all these terms are varied ways of observing what our experience means. They are not labels; they are directions, themes, narratives, patterns and the individual cannot be correlated with the general pattern, each experience is uniquely that if that particular person.

More care is need in the public discourse on matters of importance to our collective community, our shared realities and experience.

Let us rest, and let us heal. As a cry from the heart, not as a demand or expectation. It is what it is.
"There are no races." a good friend said to me, sitting in his yard; "there are only language groups"

I think he has a point.

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