Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Green Party Ad with the Bullying Children.

The Green Party Ad with the Bullying Children.

I found that video really disturbing.

Children as bullies and monsters.....  in the context of 'traditional parenting' and the mistreatment of children who show signs of non-compliance, who do not 'fit in', who are reacted to rather than responded to. a pattern which is a very, very strong behavioural pattern in the UK.

Many adults are dismissive of children who 'act out' and the mainstream attitude is to punish the child to avoid confronting the parent or the social setting within which children learn to become bullies. 45% of UK School secondary school children report being bullied. The response these children who are bullies need is not more punishment and sanction. They need help. Which often means their parents need help. After all where does a child learn his or her emotional behaviours?

The comparison is impossible.

Comparing wounded children to the adult sociopaths who wield power and abuse it intentionally whilst manipulating almost everybody they interact with and covering up the more nasty side of their abuses with the intent to maintain their position is like comparing a boot to a hole in the ground saying they are the same because one can put ones foot into it.

Being dismissive of or pretending an air of 'superiority' over the adult sociopaths who abuse institutional and political power is futile. They have to be challenged and confronted with evidence, head on. That is hard and serious work, and not to be taken lightly.

The video is also a mirror of how the adult world views wounded, who 'act out' children.

It's appallingly bad taste.

There's an element of the derogatory spleen to it, that is more often seen in mainstream media and comment threads.

It's trolling..

It is profoundly inaccurate, divisive and pretty much delusional. Its off topic.

To a pediatrician or child development scientist or counsellor it's a horrific indictment of the Green Party's unwillingness to speak TRUTH to power, not least amongst themselves.

That was a VERY expensive add to make. A waste of our funds.

I can see why some see the humour in the add. Nonetheless ...... it is a grave PR error.

Had they focused on the mistreatment of the disabled, the loss of the NHS as a publicly owned institution and the reality of off shore tax avoidance and money laundering and off shore tax evasion, which was already a big story we all know about.... they'd have hit gold...... with the release of the Panama Papers it would have struck home BIG TIME.

Hindsight, eh?

How about a bit more foresight, depth to their campaigning? For starters!

There is no benefit in dumbing down or caricature in the serious business of political lobbying, which is what we are involved in, here. There is no benefit it stooping to the methods of the DM, Sun and others.

Corbyn refuses to engage at that level. He does not attack the other side, with personalized trolling, he confronts and challenges the false premises upon which they stand.


It's demeaning.

The add is obviously designed as a taunt, an insult. That is how it will be taken.

And that will harden the resolve of people on the fringes of  support for the right wing and the left wing who still believe in the bird,.

When they see this kind of stereotyping and insult mixed, which is so banal, and which we rightly deride in the Daily Mail and Sun et al they will react rather than respond.

It’s a rather futile attempt in terms of addressing the world of Governance and power.

I wonder what ad agency convinced them that that would be a good idea?

Was it a set up to see how much depth there is to the Green Party’s strategic and tactical understanding?

If so, they know now.

Power thinks about these kinds of things and has way more practice in such matters than any of us ever would..... by a long shot.

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