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Patterns. Behavioural patterning.

Patterns. Behavioural patterning.

a general pattern, a commonly held view, according to conventional wisdom, and a view that accords with the beliefs of Religionists,  Ideologues, the NeoLiberal right wing and bullies of all kinds through out society is that 'survival of the fittest' is a fundamental justification of their position because it is a scientific fact which they claim is to be seen every day in nature.

Animals brutally eating other animals.

"It is the way the world works!"

They tend to refuse to address the evidence that suggests otherwise, a data base that is already vast, and which happens to be mounting in detail every day.

Which is that all organisms eat, all are eaten, all shit and piss and all the shit and piss and decay is food for more life and more diversity and it’s all sitting on the hard work of bacteria.

The bigger picture.

The bigger picture is that all this activity nurtures more life, in ever increasing diversity, and to the human eye, great beauty and generosity.

Biology is a living process of co-operation across space and time, a web of mutually nurturant processes mediated by geology, climate the action of the organisms themselves and not much else besides.

Animal Predation is the basis for human predation, therefore Human predation is natural.

Which is akin to asserting that Moles are the same as Miners, and calling that the same behavioural dynamic.

The comparison between carnivore predator and predatory human pathology holds no water. In logic terms it is a faulty comparison.

We cannot gain any accurate information by comparing the optimal health of one organism in it’s natural environment with the adverse health of another organism in a chronically stressed environment.. That does not compute.

Its like saying that a boot and a hole in the mud are the same thing because one can put one's foot in both - but they are not the same thing. They do share some qualities.

Human predatory behaviour is psychopathy and it cannot be compared to any normal healthy animal behaviour.

Human predatory behaviour  does not emerge and persist as much in healthy families, healthy communities, healthy societies as it does in hierarchically violent cultures - there is vast evidence of this, and a very detailed picture of what happens when an egalitarian pre-conquest culture is intruded upon by a bully predatory culture, the effects of chronic stress emerge within one generation.

That process is an mirror of what happens to an individual who goes through chronic stress and trauma at any stage of life... and is broken by it.

And therefore it is not a valid comparison with healthy normal behaviour in another organism.

Evolution and convention.

I see 'evolution differently to the way the mainstream sees it.

I don't subscribe to the linear process of a -z where a is 'primitive' and z is 'perfected'. I am completely evolved right here right now. I might be traumatised, scarred, limping, mentally distressed, inadequate - most of these are symptoms of environmental conditions where the biological mandate for optimal health is degraded. I need healing more than evolving.

I see a web of experience where each adaptation is complete at all times, always has been and always will be, as long as a habitat for life exists : indeed that is what current science of micro and macro biology is clarifying.

Rather than evolution from primitive to perfected, it is a process of ever increasing density of nurturant processes mediated by a diverse range of organisms that from the get go are responsive to changes in the dynamic habitat mediated by geology, weather, asteroids, and even man made changes ... etc....

Life is. Complete. This is how I feel my own being and when I look at people I see the same, and if there are changes I might want to help, they'd be about healing behaviour rather than 'evolving it'. Very much in the present, the here and now. This has been my experience in this field.

I suspect the linear progression view is partly Empire Logic, a stream of hierarchical thinking which all supports the assumption that the Empire is the most best top Gods chosen one and all the past has lead to this glorious moment.

The concept of Heaven was and remains a mental hopium to facilitate 'working for the man' until you died.

The experience of constant power struggles of the violent hierarchies in this culture is the basis for that particular concept of linear progression and survival of the fittest.

Amongst older, wiser, gentler and cultures, that thrived for 60,000 + years, and many younger ones that are still in existence, on the edges (350,000,000 people world wide) of 'civilisation' the pattern is to experience time as a web, that operates 360 degrees from any single point. and they feel their place as part of the earths living body.

And THAT feeling is 100% correct. They are. That feeling is the full body mind sensory experience which exists before the words of connection, bonding, intimacy, nurture are uttered. Experience is meaning, words is communication.

The example of societies that live and have lived lives that were and are loving, nurturing, bonded, religion free, hierarchy free, sexually healthy, egailtarian, co-operative and within that human, vulnerable, open to being hurt, capable of anger, pain, fear, terror, despair, mood swings....

I don't have a rose tinted view of pre-conquest life.

I do recognise healthy nurturing humane relationships, and I see these as the most important area of human experience and meaning of life, above all other considerations.

This human body and mind is perfectly evolved to love, to experience happiness and content, to be robust in health, to contribute to the community that nurtures me because it's joyful, it is gratitude.. it is evolved to be able to deal with occasional moments of stress, accidents, difficulties, emergencies - it is not evolved to be able to handle long term chronic stress and unresolved trauma. The proof of that is the way degenerative diseases increase in chronically stressed populations.

That is the big picture of the known existence of Hominoids as understood an Anthropology at the cutting edge, from all that I am accessing via information flows world wide, from solid science to the stories of peoples lives.

"What happened before the trauma?"

A pertinent question.

My thoughts are this...

What was the child doing, engaged in, feeling right before the adult shouted violently at the child?

- The child was exploring a sharp tool. or. The child spilled a glass of milk whilst learning how to hold the class..

What change occurred in the child's sense of self?

- Shock, then fear, all focus on the adult, then incomprehension, then tears ..... both the tool and the milk and what happened just before the shock are gone from the child's mind... and the child's attention is now fixated on the adult to prepare for what ever happens next.... to meet the adults needs to avoid further pain.

The rubber plant was growing well in that spot. Fresh shoots were a constant. Then someone dropped a bottle of tequila into the pot. And the rubber plant died.

Any healthy organism or community of organism will develop stress behaviours if exposed to long term trauma and re-traumatisation, or chronic stress.

As part if my healing, I had to access who I was before the abuse, what was I doing?

And for me what I found was a lovely wee baby boy, absolutely excited about life, exploring, growing, and that there was immense personal pleasure in the sensory experience of being alive.

Throw that baby into elite Irish catholic boarding schools, give him a good whipping, maintain that pressure for 12 years, and see how he will turn out... each child is different, so the bullies have to subject lots of children to the process and filter out the ones who will work for the system, and the ones who will not, and then break that lot if they can.

Ruling systems are experts at recruitment via grooming, indoctrination, manipulation, bureaucracy to 'manage' vulnerable, damaged people, to avoid what damages them that they are responsible for, to create grass roots division, and the are adept at gas-lighting, social torture, etc - they have already seen it all, studied it... Machiavelli.. The Bible.

I emerged from those 12 years a behavioural bully. I was one of the ones who was broken. I was manipulative, dishonest, insecure, paranoid, charming if need be, masking low self esteem... not acknowledging the pain of those I hurt. And a head full of quite crazy ludid paranoia's and self harm daydreams....

I also thought that all my behavioural problems were all about me, that my childhood had been more or less normal, that it was ALL me, that I was what was 'wrong'....

I was not born to be that way. I was not wombed to be that way. No one is, ever.

So in answer, there is plenty of evidence of widespread native cultures of diverse language groups and societies that were fundamentally egalitarian and biodynamically sustainable, and it tips towards being the dominant mode of human society for the 3 million years of human existence.

It is the confirmation from the recent discoveries in endocrinology, neurology, epi-genetics, and the exploration of bacterial life within the body are all reliable as indicators of health and stress over time, vast spans of time even though we are left with less and less materials, surviving artefacts, bones etc to assert the reliability of that assumption as we go back further and further in time: the body systems are ancient and they carry that ancient thread within them. The bacteria many of them are older still.

That evidence still exists where much of the material has vanished.

How do children become bullies and psychopaths?

A friend asked "How do children become bullies or psychopaths?" in relation to my assertion that human relationships, and thus the societies of human beings, were pretty much egalitarian for the bulk of our existence. His point was that healthy people would not allow bullying to go unchallenged. How does it start?

From what I have learned, it can be at a whole range of starting points.... .... they can be extremely subtle …and over time if slights are not resolved, if misunderstandings are repeated, they can fester, even if the child appears to be unconscious of them. That is internal pressure.

Which leads to more misunderstanding of the children's behaviour if they try to communicate and are not really heard, and so their needs are not met, and they become frustrated, and this leads on to more control, more demands for compliance, less negotiation by the parents, school, carers etc further compounding the issue.. and then there's aspects of that child's own person, autonomy, style of being, the food they eat, what colours they like,who they think they are, all these at the specific level of the individual are absolutely vital to pick out in diagnosis, or rather understanding the picture of that child's life.

That child might grow up and fit in, be fairly kind, normal and be a bit controlling, and at any stage a situation can trigger the old issues into bullying, a little at first, and so on... and he or she will tend to hang out with others he or she feels on par with.

If they build a social structure they will inject their psychology into it. If they have children, the children will grow up with that as normality. They will justify it all the way, and over time create stories or myths to support that justification. That children who grow up into a Islamic world become identify as Islamic is not a coincidence. What else was on offer? Who can blame them for that?

Extrapolate that kind of understandable mix up within a stressing social system out across whole populations, over thousands of years.... and suddenly European History makes horrific sense...

"Given the kind of society and family you were born into, how you have been treated and related to, and all that you have experienced, it's no wonder you feel the way you do!"

The precise diagnostic for that individual, if you will, but in practice more of a process of self discovery by the patient in a safe and empathic environment, than the prescriptions of some licenced professional pointing it out and administering 'medications'.

Not everyone will follow that path into compliance, broken-ness. (the processes of 'social engineering' are not perfected, nor will they ever be. We humans are way too diverse, and we are inherently free exploratory beings designed to thrive. THAT cannot be erased.) Not all abused become abusers.

The data we have at present is suggestive of a dynamic where the vast majority of serious abusers were abused as children or suffered later intense trauma and at either stage they surrendered.

This evidence cannot be used to excuse harm caused, or mitigate how we deal with those who cause serious, serious harm, and show no real remorse, Some people are genuinely dangerous and cannot be allowed to participate in open society.

Ever. As a health and safety issue, not as punishment.

It all comes down to what is a truly healthy relationship between adults and children, and what does our biology and experience of the last 250,000 years tell us about the most fertile, nurturant, loving, respectful  and sustainable ways to life on Earth and where does that correlate with the physical, emotional, social and psychological quality of people's experience of life and relationship?

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