Friday, 15 April 2016

Governance - the basics, unapologetic truth and honesty.

Governance is the administration of our shared contributory resources, our taxes, for the benefit of ALL the people of the land.

The puerile adversarial process of Government and Opposition is an outdated 19th Century process of competing Powers and is inadequate to the task of meeting the needs of the people as whole.

It is a process that is concerned with maintaining power above all else. All too often the people who suffer the most from the adverse outcomes of these infantile power struggles are the ordinary citizens, at home or abroad/

When the majority of people refuse to accept that old and sordid duality, and demand, as their right, that all elected officials, those who thrive on the contributions of the people, work together to benefit the people at all levels, equally, and when the majority of the people take materially significant steps to ensure that collaboration, co-operation, justice and mutualism based on the evidence, and responsive to the outcomes, is at the very core of policy and decision making, then our Society will be a much more humane and equitable society.

It will then slowly, but assuredly, move towards that state known as 'civilised'.

Until then the bulk of what passes for Governance is just more crappy behaviour being propagandised, marketed, justified, covered-up and explained away.

Anyone who is unable to deal with these simple facts, or is unwilling to face them, is part of the problem.

I make no apologies for stating it this clearly. The situation is clearly offensive in the material reality, way beyond 'offending sensibilities'.

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