Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Mossak Fonseca: Management of The Panama Papers

This information contained in the 11 million documents that are 'Panama Papers' will be carefully 'managed'.

The prime directive of Power is to retain, enhance and project that power and to defend it with all the might and tools available to it. Everything a power establishment does meets these criteria. It's what bullies in the home do.So too with bullies in political, government and corporate office.

Our political power system is a mirror of the behavioural dynamics of an abuse family, a mirror that has become institutionalised over time. Take ten people with an anti-social psychology, get them to build a social structure, and that structure will express their core psychology.

It really is that simple.

What makes it complicated is the secrecy, the violence and the social conditioning, because these are all crutches that are repeatedly rebuilt to shore up that edifice of hierarchical bullying, which is constantly 'reformed' as people emerge and resist in order to mitigate that resistance, or to co-opt it.

Each reform creates yet another layer of bureaucractic rules and limitations, dependency and obfuscation.

Jobs for willing compliers in an insecure jobs market.

We pay their wages.

We let them off the hook.

Because we live in a bully system, and few of us are able to confront bullies with any clarity, because schooling and religion are inherently a bully system, and 12 years of schooling ensures we normalise to that shituation such that we don't see it anymore for what it is.

I don't blame the people for that = I hold those who design and implement Government Education Policy the most accountable, just like I hold the Catholic Church responsible for it's followers indoctrinated stance which supports The Vatican, (even as evidence of The Vatican's criminal mendacity in their cover-up emerges) more than I blame those followers for the crimes of The Vatican.

Of course it is easy to be angry AT those people who follow such obviously toxic Institutions.

Yet that is all too easily manipulated and turned against the people. "You are either with us or against us."

The emergence of the term 'sheeple' within the Conspiracy Theory community as a catch all phrase that embedded hatred and disdain for others at the same level of society. What is that all about?

Lateral Violence is when people who are stressed from above, pass on that stress to those around them or under them.

It's a displacement activity, and people on left/right, Rep/Dem dualist sides are playing that game out - they attack each other rather than confront the bully system itself, mostly because they have internalised aspects of the bully system.

Such as the concept of 'just war' to 'protect our values' carried out by poor young men wearing 'our sacred flag' which people on all sides seem to accept as a 'natural' and therefore a moral stance.

We will not resolve this until we stop fighting amongst ourselves and confront our own social conditioning,and that of those around us, and act with a degree of empathy rather than venting at each other...

Mossack Fontseca Papers :

Local action. think global, act local.

That is the declared logic behind the release; it's way bigger than the Snowden release or anything else like it, so they say.
When the information for each country, that relates to each countries elite Governing, Commercial and Criminal layers is available to the people in that country...... they know whose doors to be knocking on.

The doors of those who Rule them. And their companions in the business and criminal world.

But the information was handed over to the Guardians of the system, the Corporate Press, so how is that going to work out?

 Of course they will 'manage' the release via media and legal processes.

That is a given. Jimmy Savile. Highbury Disaster. Iraq War. The Vatican on predators within it's ranks, high and low.

So the data has to get out to the wider public, for us to investigate and chase.

Local solutions to local problems, globally.

Name the individuals, name the behaviour, out them and confront them.

That is how one must address a bullies behaviour.

Corbyn should be calling for this, he should be directing the resources available in the grass roots to this end, and not asking the Government to act, when he and we know they are complicit, they are actively involved in these money laundering scams.....

They are the people, or class, wot invented them for fecks sake!

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