Monday, 1 August 2016

Climate Change - what climate, whose climate, whose fear?

1. Biology responds to dynamic environmental changes by making precise changes to meet the dynamic changes to maintain the nutrient flow and balance. The old paradigm of random mutation is a lie, a piece of propaganda, designed to challenge an older lie, that of the supremacy of the Gods of the hierarchically violent societies.

2. We are biology at our base. Biology is fundamentally nurturant, it leads towards thriving communities of diverse organisms and living systems constantly modulating and responding to a dynamic environment.

Optimal Biological Health is a mandate for each individual, each species and the entire biome of Earth.

3. The Industrial Civilisation and all Hierarchies of Violence as social constructs are, by definition, an outright rejection of 1 and 2.

4. Fear is the worst driver of healthy change. Fear also drives Industrial Civilisation and Hierarchies of Violence. Likewise anger and hatred. They are in essence abuse systems that become Institutionalised. Bully systems.

5. The difference between a response and a reaction is key to how this genral issue is being framed in the public domain. A response looks at the situation, tries to understand as much as possible, and makes a choice and keeps an eye on what is happening, is prepared to meet new information and integrate it into the response.

A fear reaction tends to be knee-jerk, ideological and inadequate to the task of a fluid response.

6. Fear tends to urge people to look away, and seek a 'leader' to get them out of the shituation. Fear tends to suggest we are relatively powerless. Fear and 'leadership' are bed fellows in Violent Hierarchies.

7. A rational response would suggest various ways to maximise the changes, rather than trying to stop them. Which we cannot do. Climate has always, always changed over time.

8. Permaculture has all the design features to maximise the changing climate patterns, rapidly and accurately. It also contains indicators and practices that undermine concepts of hierarchical thinking and psychology. Permaculture is returning to biological optimal health. Fundamentals such a 'there is no waste' are meaningful.

9. The entire issue is directly linked to how we as individuals and small communities engage with governance and the administration of shared contributory resources - in essence the situation demands that we mature, that we devote time to the matters of governance and move away from careers, mortgage servicing, macro economics and become more connected again.It demands that we become more nurturant, we take personal and collective responsibility to ensure that nutrient cycles are maintained, for all life.

10. That is in effect a psychological and social climate change modality.... self governance is the oldest form of governance in the human species, it has been supplanted by Violent Hierarchies that tooled up to expand their reign.

11. The system of power itself, in evolutionary terms, is a vast human psycho-climate change, and we need to recognise that, we need to base ourselves in our fundamental biological 'nature' in order to respond more accurately and NO EXTANT GOVERNING OR ECONOMIC SYSTEM will volunteer for that.

12. They will manipulate and resist to the very end.


14. Don't worry, in 10,000 years it will be very different. We cannot kill the planet, we cannot destroy the life force of biology. We can only destroy our chances of healthy nurturant happy living. The planet is fine, the other species are fine, biology is fine.

15. The culture is the problem, not humanity. Gods are not the answer. This life is a glorious, full body, sensory jam, not a rehearsal.

16. With that in mind we are invited to stand up and confront and dismantle the systems of hierarchical violence with all the love and humour and robust physicality we can whilst remembering to love, party and laugh as often as we can, without dropping the ball.

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"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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