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Women reject the use of gender to silence legitimate political opposition: an open letter

An open letter by some active women folk looking at the basis of the accusations of misogynistic behaviours emerging from the Media, directed at Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum activists...

Women reject the use of gender to silence legitimate political opposition

"We, the undersigned, women Labour members or supporters from different backgrounds, ethnicities and regions, condemn attempts by some women MPs to blame the Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell for alleged intimidation. The accusations are baseless and are part of an escalating witch-hunt against Corbyn and his supporters.

The tragic murder of Jo Cox MP, for which a right-wing racist with mental health problems has been charged, has been invoked as if it was connected with anti-racist, pro-refugee Corbyn. A brick through the side window of a building used by many groups, including the local MP, has been attributed to Corbyn followers without any proof. And we are warned against holding peaceful demonstrations outside MPs offices or calling for them to be deselected."

The full text of the letter is truly worth reading.

The core point is that to use such slurs demeans the entire political process, and does nothing to help confront and resolve the issues around power, sexualised violence, abuse and harm; if anything it undermines our efforts in this area.

It is clear, accurate, compassionate and written with utter integrity, by women activists engaged in intensive daily work to support women (and by extension, men and children).

It feeds back into my many blog postings about bullying in politics, violence in society, hierarchies of power, trauma related behaviour patterns, and much else besides...

Media Trolling

Media - Read and react, or read, analyse, check and respond.

We have a choice.

Our choices dictate outcomes, especially with regards to bringing about a healthy, sane, nurturant society.

The reactive mode is easily manipulated.

The responsive much less so, to the degree that any individual has worked through his or her own issues around power and sense of self - whether it is truly emergent or laced with internalized system values (shame, guilt, blame, praise, reward, punishment ... are all clues to where we still hold onto internalized system values).

Many people are making this choice, consciously, deliberately, and bringing that to the table of politics and governance.

And this choice gets far less attention and examination in the media than the justifications for war or for Corbyn's so-called 'unelectability'.

Established Power's self protection.

It would appear the established power does want to enable such choices by acknowledging the multitude of stories of those who do. The mainstream power establishment media is peppered with justifications of violence, with sexism, fantasy, ideology and sales pitches.

The Inquiry into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse underway in the UK has lost yet another chair-person. We do not yet know why. It is very sad and very, very worrying.

The Australian Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse is revealing just how endemic cover-ups, mitigations, institutional desire to protect itself are in this area....

Ireland and the United States have had multiple Inquiries.

The evidence is immense and mounting all the time.

The response of Power is way behind what the evidence suggest would be appropriate.

"Houston, we have a problem."

The Astronauts fixed the problem with assistance from Ground Control.

They worked together.

The Government (and The Vatican) needs to work with and for Survivors, not try to get around them.

The Labour party MPs who are opposing Corbyn need to work with the grass roots of the party, not try to get around them.

It is the same pattern.


Tribal is an odd word to use to describe violent systems.

Here's why.

This is a chart of social behavioural characteristics of different societies (tribes, sic) from a meta-analysis by James Prescott in the 1970s,  which looks at whether or not they are truly nurturant or controlling, and indicates the sets of behaviours associated with each.

Societies with very different child relating modalities, and very different outcomes...

And the common link between the emergence of violence or nurturance appears to revolve around the way a given society relates to and treats the children.

If we want to resolve these problems, we start with parenting at the very base of society, as the very base of society.... which means the work women do for women is absolutely critical.
Here is an article I wrote expanding on the chart by James Prescott.

The website is very useful in exploring this issue.

The Neurobiology of Trauma.

Here is an example of one aspect of that work, related to the neurobiology of trauma, and trauma informed responses to sexual abuse which counter the 'traditional' responses which are the subject of numerous national inquiries. Informative, direct, clear and deeply compassionate, it also hints at the problems with inherited traditional approaches to sexual abuse allegations, which are indicators on the nature of our Society and it's power structures.

In another recent blog I posted a basic outline for anyone interested in this area of human exploration, knowledge and healing, with some links to key writers and researchers in this area..

These insights into the neurobiology of trauma indicate that in utero trauma can occur, if the mother is subjected to trauma events or chronic stress beyond her ability to control. They also feed into child development issues....

Everyone of us carries some of the bully psychology within us to one degree or another until we resolve it within ourselves. Social conditions and socialised conditioning tend to make it so.

That's why we become bystanders.

Resolve it with insight, evidence and self reflection.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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