Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Media manipulation and trolling, bricks through the TV, undermining democracy.

Media techniques, movie techniques, trolling and grooming.... these are the realities we all face every day.

They know how to make one hate a character or love one; they can switch you from hate to love in a matter of minutes.

How often have you wanted to throw something at the TV or shout at a presenter or politician because you sensed something was way out of order in the way the material was presented?

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe series took a humorous satirical look at this.

This video, on an interview and set-up piece by C4, about Jeremy Corbyn, attacking Jeremy Corbyn, explores the detail of how some of this works.

It is nothing less than professionalised bullying.

Institutional bullying.

The techniques are revealed. The set-up is obvious. The intent, utterly malign. This not journalism, it is bullying, or propaganda.

Grooming the audience... every mainstream media outlet and many social media outlets and 'activists' use these techniques. Advised by professionals.

Playing on known vulnerabilities of ordinary folk who are unsuspecting.

To preserve the power establishment's status and pre-eminence.

100% anti-democratic.

Freedom of speech carries with it a responsibility to be honest, truthful.

Anyone who lies or bullies in any public domain in this fashion deserves to be held to account.

Why are the Establishment so worried?

The UK media and journalists who sold the War of Aggression against Iraq, and covered aspects of it up to a massive degree.

The BBC is culpable for their participation in this propaganda campaign.

Journalists and management alike.

That is what is driving the opposition to Corbyn more than any other single issue.

He wants to bring those who committed war crimes to account.

So too do millions of UK tax payers whose hard earned cash was so horrifically abused in the prosecution of that war, and others, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, including the support our Government has been providing to 'moderate rebels' (violent militia) across the Middle East, not to mention weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel etc...

There are close to 5000 establishment figures who were directly involved. They are all culpable.

The Establishment senses that it is at risk.

War Crimes investigations would unearth a formerly hidden world, and represents the greatest leverage we have as a people, a responsible people, a caring people, to use to dislodge that power establishment.

They did commit war crimes.

And there is more than that, the status and power the Establishment have occupied for centuries, their sense of entitlement, their vast wealth and holdings have driven UK Politics for far too long.

They like that power.


We pay for their addiction. And the Syrian, Libyan, Yemeni, Afghani and others pay in blood.

We have to up our game, considerably, to meet the needs of all our children's futures, and their children too.

That is what this is all about.

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