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War Crimes, Opinion or Evidence, Burkini's, Bullying and Jo Cox

The Big Issue.


War Crimes.

War Crimes and War Criminals going un-opposed, not being held to account by the taxpayers who funded those who made the decisions to go to war, and who paid for the troops and contractors tasked with prosecuting the wars.

Politicians who deliberately, and against all warnings, enabled massive bank fraud and then bailed out those banks who committed those frauds, using future taxpayer funds, thus in-debting (or indenturing) the emerging generation of students as future taxpayers and then, as if to rub salt into these open wounds, the same grouping of Politcians claimed 'Austerity' (lack of spare cash) as their excuse for a class war against the vulnerable and the poor.

That is the core issue here.

Opinion vs Evidence

The people who allowed this to happen, who voted for and continue to vote for the politicians on any side who administered and are yet administering all of this, are the enablers of these crimes. In that I include the mainstream media, and the conspiracy theorist industry.

One cannot, as so often happens, blame those who did not vote, out of sheer ennui, desperation or a learned, evidence based distaste for a system that is actively an institutionalized bully system.

Most of the those people did look at the evidence, and decided that the only option was not to participate in hypocrisy.

That is understandable.

There is no excuse in the 21st Century for not taking the time to examine the evidence, the data, when making choices that affect (or afflict) the entire community.

This must be addressed to all those who voted for the politicians who have, and are, committing war crimes and attacking the most vulnerable people in our society.

"You are not looking at the evidence!"

Selfishness, my mortgage, my job, my party loyalty, my allegiances, my prejudices, what I read in the papers, or see in the News on TV etc are all invalid bases for making choices that affect Governance.

We do have a social responsibility to each other. To cause no harm.

That ought to be obvious. Duty of Care. Due Diligence.

Opinion cannot replace or supplant evidence, on matters related to the administration of a communities shared contributory resources,with mere opinion.

We need to make THAT 100% CLEAR.

I refuse to argue about opinions - I say present the evidence, the facts, the outcomes.

Do not be trolled by those who insist on their 'right' to hold and impose an opinion - they can hold it, but they have no right to impose it, as that imposition is an abuse.

Fight back with honesty, truth, evidence, determination and vision, a vision that must include the liberation of those who hold opinion over evidence from the trap they are in.

Do whatever it takes in terms of a discourse.

France's Burkini Ban

It's a deliberate provocation, designed to inflame wounded people on the edges of violence into acting out that violence, and to give a false basis to those who would support violence against France on the basis of Islamaphobiic policies proving their case.

Institutionalised bullying is a scientifically mediated strategic, tactical weaponised behaviour system. It includes grooming, labeling, distraction, slander, slur, innuendo, opinion over evidence, gas lighting, lies and set-ups, as well as the many tools of direct and indirect violence. It's intent is to ensure that Power is retained, enhanced and projected.

ALL Governments or Power Hierarchies use it, media are utterly aware and complicit, and we see it in movies and 'pop' culture all the time...

We are being politically inept and socially foolish (I know it is scary, frightening to look at, yet looking away will not deal with it) if we do not take the time to recognise these tactics, and their position within the strategies of Power.

  We must also work out how to counter it, within ourselves, within our families and communities as much as across Society as a whole - otherwise those who are living where the bombs are being dropped or detonated, abroad and at home, will continue to suffer, and we will suffer, and our children suffer even more if we fail to address it.

In all it's forms.

We are paying for it, literally funding it.

Taxpayers pay for ALL the Wars, all the killing.

Superb blog, by Kitty Jones, on how bullying operates.

Read it.

Be armed, rather than armored.

Jo Cox.

Jo Cox, a British female labour politican murdered, assassinated in an extreme act of violence, less than 3 months ago.


Silence of the Lambs, or Silence of the Wolves?

Why is this not being discussed by the Labour Party membership, with the same passion as the leadership non-contest?

Who killed Jo Cox?

Britain did.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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