Saturday, 24 January 2009

Dear BBC .... from an appalled viewer ...

This is the (spell checked version - I was so incensed I sent it off with a few typos) text of a letter I sent to the BBC, after reading this :


To Helen Boaden, Peter Horrocks and Richard Sambrook

I was one of many people who spent many hours watching coverage of the recent war in Gaza, partly to witness what was transpiring, partly to witness the way this terrible crime was covered and reported, noting very early on that the BBC was ever so careful to refer to the war as a 'conflict', and without saying so directly, and by continued use of the word 'conflict', even as children were murdered, as UN buildings destroyed, and as White Phosphorous Weapons were used, thus implying that the 'conflict' was equal sided in terms of responsibility for what was happening in Gaza.

The historical record, known at the time, shows that Israel planned this war back in March, 2008, that Israel had broken the cease fire, that Hamas had all but stemmed the rocket attacks on Israeli towns (they were reduced to 3 a month during this cease-fire period ... not a 100% success, though surely enough to warrant negotiation....)

Because of this I also watched coverage on other channels, to compare the way the war or 'conflict' as you would have it was being reported. The stark contrast between the BBCs coverage and that of Al Jazeera, and others was stark indeed. I feel very, very angry about this.

Then I learned that a formal request was made to the BBC, by The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), an umbrella organisation for 13 aid charities, for air-time to broadcast an urgent and humane appeal for support and funds to aid the stricken citizens of Gaza, during and after the recent war.

Apparently the BBC saw fit to refuse this request!

On the grounds of preserving the BBCs record of impartiality, and the spurious notion that there were questions as to the safety of providing aid during the war!

I am utterly appalled that the BBC acted in this way.

You, and the BBC in general, by acting as I have outlined, have added grave insult to profound and deeply ugly injury. You have besmirched the very concept of public service. You have offended the very notion of accurate and unbiased reporting. You have failed your mandate and abrogated your profound responsibility, and done all of this willfully.

To go further, the BBC has devoted hours upon hours of time to the US Presidential Inauguration, with hours of sugary coverage of Obama's carefully edited life story, in what amounted to nothing less than a PR campaign on his behalf, with little in the way of sound critical analysis of the sordid role the US Government has played in the Gaza war, and the fact of Obama's silence on the matter.

You, and the combined senior management of the BBC, are in my eyes, complicit with the US Administration, as you were in the run up to the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Under International Law and UK National Law, specifically The International Criminal Court Act 2001, the BBC's actions amount to 'conduct ancillary to the commission of war crimes', and you will be held accountable.

Yours etc

Corneilius Crowley


Kindest regards


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