Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Roots of Violence

Nice Video outlining the basics of Alice Millers understanding of how child rearing practices govern foreign policy.... I kid you not! Watch it and make the link yourself!

And here's a fantastic short article covering the same ground, in a warm and touching, yet logically sound way.

here's a part of it....

""Miller's argument, in The Truth Will Set You Free might be summarized as something like this:

1. Many adults manage their children with parenting and teaching methods which employ physical or emotional violence against the child.

2. Because of this violent treatment, the children grow up blind to the dangers of violent parenting, and out of touch with their true feelings and needs.

3. When these children grow to become teachers and parents, they will practice these same violent methods against their own children.

4. This cycle of "violence breeds more violence" can be broken, and abused adults can heal themselves and become nonviolent parents.

Miller begins by explaining, with many examples, how and why childhood reality is avoided "in six fields where we should expect precisely the opposite: medicine, psychotherapy, politics, the penal system, religion, and biography." ... Miller's next section, ‘How We Are Struck Emotionally Blind', offers an explanation for the remarkable and often-repeated story: "A father will beat his son and humiliate him with sarcastic remarks but not have any memory whatever of having been similarly humiliated by his own father.' ... In the third part of the book, Miller offers examples of courageous adults who have healed themselves despite long histories of parental abuse."

And another great video :

Short video outlining Alice Millers work and recent evidence to support it.

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