Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Power, Gaza, indifference and compassion

To those who claim that Hamas or any of the resistance groups of the Palestinian nation (who are as the Maquis in France were to the German Occupiers in WWII) are equally to blame for the current war in Gaza I say this.

When you live on the land, and eat of it’s fruits, drink it’s water, breathe it’s air, excrete your waste (which is manure more than it is waste, it is the return of what is not required, for re-use) you are truly made of that land, therefore you identify with that land and the land owns you more than you own it.

That is why the Israeli Government pushed the settlement of occupied and annexed lands - they understand the power of that connection to land, to place that is built up by those who work land, whose food, water and air feeds and holds them. That’s a thing one protects to the end.

The Palestinians in Gaza, once lived in what is now called Israel, and they ate of the land, they drank it’s water, tended the farms and olive groves, the shat on the ground and breathed it’s air - and the land owned them. They had been there a long time, time enough for each rock, each blade of grass, each olive tree to be embedded in the specific consciousness of their very lives, and their culture.

The Palestinians were forced ( like may others in other placers throughout ‘history’ ) starting in 1947, to move from those lands, lands they had lived on for many, many generations, land they were deeply embedded in. Violently. Extremely violently. By the British Empire and the UK Government and by the Israeli Government. One a proxy for the other. Such is history.

That violence unresolved, ignored, suppressed begets yet more violence is the dynamic the civilians of these lands are caught up in. Them and their children.

And it is Governments that carry out the bulk of the violence. Both the occupiers and the occupied.

This is the core issue regarding the specifics of the Israeli/Palestine War.

For many people in the Western urban civilisation, this sense of land, this visceral connection to that which holds life, to that which sustains ones community, is an alien concept.

For these people this natural relationship is no longer relevant, and is replaced by Nationalism or Ideology, concepts that are abstractions of reality, that exist merely to justify the concepts of centralised power and the ‘management of society’ which have grown out of the European led Industrial Revolution and for which more people have died needlessly, violently than any other single causative factor over the past 2000 years.

Thus the rootless well-schooled urban population fall prey to clever propaganda, and rarely if ever, look any deeper into the problem. If the Times/Sun says it, then it is!

This illusion is being finally being dismantled by the net, and independent news outlets such as Al Jazeera, Democracy Now, The Real News, Indymedia and others are providing a much needed public service, funded by grass roots funding. So much for State Public Broadcasting!

There is much activity around the world across a wide range of areas that is exploring the nooks and crannies of the SYSTEM OF POWER and day by day revealing the agenda of the system, POWER and it’s drivers, as well as working on the psychological and physical processes and memes that have been put in place to support the POWER and protect POWER from dissent and non-compliance.

The activities of the militant wings of Hamas are the actions of a desperate few, for whom the burden of daily humilation, slaughter and indifference (on the part of the 'international community') have become too much to bear. That the bulk of Palestinians do their best to be good mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, lovers and good citizens, good doctors, good teachers bears testament to the resilience and innate good-will of people. If only that were mirrored by those who claim the leadership roles. If only.

To those who suppor the claim that Hamas or any of the resistance groups of the Palestinian nation (who are as the Maquis in France were to the German Occupiers in WWII) are equally to blame for the current war in Gaza I say this. You have been conditioned to accept that others submit to the unacceptable. Get over it!

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