Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Right or wrong, what works, works!

The factual recent history of Palestine is clear.

Utilising standards current in International Law, the Israeli Government is the aggressor, the US/UK Governments their supporters, the Palestinian and Isreali civilians are the victims, and the UN and the rest of us appalled and somewhat confused bystanders. The Palstinians are guilty of violent resistance. A somewhat lessor crime perhaps, though current International Law allows for armed resistance to military occupation by foreign powers, from invasion right through to departure.

This aggression we are talking about is the aggression that is driven by power politics,often using religion or race as a 'white phosphorous" smoke screen..... and power politics is essentially about adverse control over the lives of others considered 'inferior' by those exercising that power - the power of life and death.

One can say that those who make the decisions to exercise that power in that any harmful way are culpable for they have transgressed the natural state of welfare and it is correct action, on the part of a mature adult, to confront that head-on...

We know that by conditioning children, such governments condemn those children as parents to become the instruments of that conditioning, innocently harming their own beloved children.

It is correct action, on the part of a mature adult, to confront that head-on.

That means making accurate assessments - not to be confused with 'judging' which in common use means to see the other as inferior.

To assess means to call the behaviour what it is, distinguishing that from the person. A person thus confronted who denies and/or shows no remorse has judged themselves in the eyes of those who confront adverse dysfunctional behaviour.

Within the so called mainstream Peace and Environment movements there is far too much proto-Christian/hippy-psychoblather about the 'ego' and 'judgement', way too much political correctness, essentially an unwillingness to call it for what it is.

If you feel it, then you feel it, so say it... Otherwise it's fear!

If only right and wrong was so easy to see….

If only........ many people express this sentiment. Here's my take on it, for what it is worth.

Take the side of the civilians on all sides, and oppose the military power on all sides.

But as to the question right and wrong, in Gaza, right now for example, it is the right to life that is being violated and in that the Israeli Government is behaving in a way that is clearly anti-life, and doing so in a well organised, mechanised, industrialised way. Their propaganda machine is well served by our western media...... and by a lack of critical thinking and feeble sentimentality.

Have you seen or read any of the work by Derrick Jensen?

He is right on the ball with this void of critical analysis. Worth a watch. Here's a quote, in which he debunks survival of the fittest, elegantly and precisely - I suggest you read it out loud :

"Those creatures that have survived in the long run have survived in the long run; you don’t survive in the long run by exploiting your habitat; you survive in the long run by actually improving your habitat; that’s what salmon do, that’s what merganzers do, that’s what bears do, that’s what everybody does; except us."

Thus, my question is this : what exactly have the Israeli Government done to improve the habitat of the Palestinians?

Precision Munitions

And another aspect of this connection ot habitat is that we do have an innate and precise sensory ability that allows us, if we chose to use it, to listen to and comprehend all the elements in nature, from clouds to oceans, from mountains to clay.

Our hearts are neurally set-up to receive and transmit electromagnetic communications. All living beings emit electromagnetic information. These are signature transmissions. This has been scientifically measured. We are talking KNOWLEDGE here. Fact.

The ancients all claimed that their plant knowledge and herbal lore came direct from the plants themselves. We laughed at them, patronised them, slaughtered them and took their lands.

We know that in swarms of bats, that their ability to fly in huge swarms, at high speed, comes from their rapid 'reactions' .... each individual is acutley aware of the seven around him, and they fly in formation... their so-called 'reactions' are 14 times faster than the human brain can think. They are using electromagtic info to co-ordinate their efforts. This happens in all swarms, flocks, shoals etc etc..

A mechanical instinct, driven by trial and error rather than direct comprehension is simply too blunt to craft this level of finesse. They think faster than we can!

In school, empire school, the one most of us went to, I was told that the ancients learned what they knew by trial and error! Profoundly arrogant and a fatal flaw in our ‘civilisation’. Fatal.

Precision - Natures Weapon of Mass Interaction

The point being that each living entity has within its being the facility to discern clearly what is appropriate for it's well being and what is not, to communicate with other life-forms and to thus adapt to a changing environment that is in dynamic equilibrium. And it is that that is at the core of the amazing diversity, vast co-operation and deep balance of nature. And it’s abundance.

This quality/ability is missing in Israeli/US/UK governance.

By reducing things to mechanics in order to understand them in a laboratory one gains knowledge of a bit, only in the case of urban civilisation, to than lose contact with the whole being.

In order to justify that loss, in itself an act of incredible stupidity and a functionally fatal one at that, intellectual philosophers and religious leaders of the city civilisations who evolved using that 'scientific' methodology had to create a disconnect, and elevate them selves ABOVE nature. As did the Constantine, the first Imperial Pope.

Nature does not do right and wrong, nature does what works and what works is co-operation. Everything in nature that is alive works. What does not work, dies. Every creature devotes a large slice of it's being to improving the environment it inhabits. Apart from civilised humanity. And that does not work.

Neither is the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people ‘working’.

It is an insanity to suggest that either ever was, is, or might be working.

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