Monday, 26 January 2009

THE NATURAL CHILD : what every child needs!


The expectations of the natural child are to be loved, to be recognised as a unique being, to be seen as a valid being with feelings and sensings that no one need fear or challenge.

The natural child expects to meet competent adults who know what they are doing, who are integrated in harmony with the environment, who have mastered their own being and who behave with a deep respect.

The natural child expects to explore freely and to learn about the world he/she is born into.

The natural child expects to be able to learn from his oe her own experiences, and from older children, as much as the adults.

To the extent that these inherent expectations are met or not, and to the extent that the natural child is coerced or not, these factors will determine the psychological balance of the child and of course the adult the child grows into.

And an adult world that does not meet those expectatitons is the result of those adults having not met with their inherent natural expectations. For most this process is unconscious, and thus the cycles are repeated and as the saying goes ' we do not learn from history'....

Well then, enough is already far too much. Start now.

You can explore the nature of adverse systemic conditioning with these resources :

Alice Miller
David Smail
John Taylor Gatto
John Holt
Paulo Freire

You can explore these themes with your heart, with a ruthless self honesty and by talking to and really listening to very young children .... ideology is of no use here, and neither is religion.

Break the cycles, see through your conditioning, only you can do the work that must be done for fre your mind and your heart.

There is nothng you can buy, steal or take that will open the fullest bliss of a life lived as life intends.

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Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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