Sunday, 4 January 2009

From a man who knows War.....

Chris Hedges has spent 20 years covering wars.

In these video segments he describes the reality of war, noting the three types as civil wars, 'conventional' wars of army to army and militarised occupations by a foreign force.

He speaks to the reality of the casualties of war, (civilians, women and children predominate) and why the toll is so high in Iraq and Gaza and else where.

Eloquent, passionate without losing his centre, these ten minutes are worth watching to get an idea of the reality in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and where ever occupations occur. - short introduction, - full lecture with questions

This kind of clarity helps cut through the propaganda, spin and outright lies which are disseminated via the mainstream media.

Hedges also makes the distinction between ‘killing’ and ‘murder’. Killing involves two armed sides hostile to one another.

Murder involves those who are armed versus those who unarmed, who pose no threat and who are simply I’n the way‘. Collateral Damage… is the euphemism now well worn and tattered.

Recently, currently in Gaza, we are being allowed to see the pictures of the carnage .... via the internet, youtube etc we are being allowed to sense the chaos and terror that missiles and automatic fire from an industrialised war machine inflict upon a civilian, urban area.

That same horror has been common place all over Iraq since March 2003. And the death toll is 1.2 million needless violent deaths amongst Iraqis, not to mention the woundings and trauma.

And who will help the Iraqis heal these wounds? Who speaks of this today? Why the silence?

How will this horror manifest in the following generations, in the psychology of the children of the traumatised and maimed Iraqis, Gazans, Afghans if there is no real resolution, no healing?

All of us have to think beyond the arguments of those who espouse violence, irrespective of their 'case' (' freedom fighters' et al) and argue the case for an outright ban by civilian populations on funding and industry for war or a military of any kind........ upto the right to hold national strikes to force this upon the political and corporate worlds - by right of the obligation and real need to defend civilians world wide from the degradation of war.

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