Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Anarchism, Violence and pay-per-view porn

We are all well aware of the various dynamics of violence at protests and demonstrations, and of the current media hype aimed at inciting violence - any policeman reading the current crop of media bollox who will be in 'attendance' at the G20 protests will probably be feeling a little tense, shall we say.... and it struck me that actually, an anarchist is in essence against violence, apart from the possibility of defending oneself from attack.

To me, Anarchism means NOT TAKING POWER OVER ANOTHER, it is about sharing power and meditated violence is all about TAKING POWER OVER OTHERS..... holding onto power when threatened....

And those so-called 'anarchists', as described by the media, who prepare for violence, who provide maps of 'targets' and who issue instructions on 'clean mobiles' to 'avoid surveillance' and so on blah, blah, blah, are really either provocateurs or idiots. Whichever they are, their actions undermine the thrust and intention of protest and demonstrations.

Which is to engender the grass roots with the power to make decisions on issues that affect our lives. Which is basically sensible. Giving someone else money to make decisions on our behalf is basically stupid and naive. And that's what we do all the time. Even when those people are blatantly screwing us - MPs on 60 odd grand a year, plus 'expenses' which can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds ANNUALLY under the false justification that such 'remuneration' is required the attract the best minds (politicians are not the most shining examples of such qualities as the term 'best minds' are they?), not to mention the revolving door of employment in Corporations, Banks etc and the dodgy laws they create and their crass stupidity; as in the current Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, handing in a receipt for porn movies viewed by her husband - DUH! don't they LOOK at the expense sheets they submit? The devil is in the detail as they say...

Though I can understand the poor man being sexually frustrated.... who'd want to 'make love' to a Home Secretary...... eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee! I seen her in Parliament wearing high heel fuck-me pumps........ gross...

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