Friday, 1 July 2016

It has to be us. Coup! Coup!

It has to be us.

Blair and Obama, Putin, Cameron: they all know very well why Sanders and Corbyn are emerging, and what the constituency represents.

And they are way too scared of it to even mention it.

They cannot bring themselves to even attempt articulate it... in public.

In private they go over that emerging threat - our awakening -  with a microscope, and they plot, they plan, then they deceive, they execute, they legislate.

Cukoos. In our nest.

Coup! Coup!

They are flapping.

They fear his honesty, his integrity, his grace under fire. He does not play their game.

We see this.

They will not talk honestly or openly with Corbyn.

And just as he will not fall for their goading, they refuse to stand up to the plate of honesty, and play his game.

Our game. The game.

Prime Ministers Questions is in truth Prime Ministers Evasions and Insults.

Institutionalised professional Bullies such as Cameron, Gove or Duncan Smith know what they are doing, and they have enough 'intelligence' to understand what drives the movement,  or rather broader they are well aware of the the psycho-social awakening of which Corbyn is in some way a representative..... 'the growing political awakening' as Zebigniev Brezenski once said.


Blair and all people like him fear that above all else.

Their psychology and ideological mind-set regards the pain of others in a utilitarian manner.

They do not care for those the sensitivities and feelings and psyche they harm when they cause pain, or care about the collateral damage caused while they are pursuing their agenda.

They know they can use that pain, they understand that they can manipulate people who are fearful, confused, angry, hurt, isolated; they know they can reach them through their pain and trigger behaviour patterns.

They are bullies.

Those who rule, and those exert violence to maintain that status, they study the matter. It’s a science for those who rule; the carrot and the stick.






Humanitarian action.


It’s not a ‘perfect science’ though that is the ultimate goal – the perfection of the techniques that allow a Government or other group, or an individual to exert psychological and material dominance over a people, and use those peoples work to retain, enhance and project their power.

That is partly why they cause so much pain.

And why they then dismiss others pain so easily.

And we pay their wages.


It is the ideology and the lack of natural empathy for those they rule over.

That latter quality, the lack of empathy is what created the ideology.

We need to diagnose correctly the situation.

Our situation.
A dire situation.

And we must, in recognising this, treat it as a diagnosis and seek a robust path of healing and importantly, prevention.

Prevention is the outcome of healing.

The abuse must cease. The harming must stop.

And that is a matter of the most urgent attention for all ordinary voting and non-voting tax payers and their kin.

So here’s a short poetic piece.I hope you like it. I do.


Farage forages for rage, fettling fearage, a foul farrago,  frankly feral.

Murdoch mediates misery, meticulously mouthing malice.

Cameron comes on, compassionate and calculated cruelty, crafted.

Ian Duncan Smith is the hammer, and poverty the anvil.

With the vulnerable in between.

Poverty porn on the Television.

Pay per view.

Paper View.

The disabled fought back.

In wheel chairs and mobility scooters, on crutches, limping.

What courage!

Who stands with them?

Who, then?

It has to be you.

It has to be me.

Not Corbyn alone.

Not that.

It has to be us.

All of us.

All hands on deck!

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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