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Institutional ‘care’ is abusive in it’s current form : that is the reality.

Institutional ‘care’ is abusive in it’s current form : that is the reality.

Workers within State, Church, and within Private Care systems (which are businesses first and foremost) know this. Most ignore it, and carry on doing their job. These are tough times, and there are tougher times ahead. It is true that this work is not easy, yet it is also true that the Institutional Systems do NOT make that workk any easier, for patients or the workers.

Top heavy with Administrative Management, driven by 19th Century perspectives and attitudes towards psychological distress, those who ‘receive’ that care know it too. And they frequently tell those who are ‘caring for them’ this. - Gerry Robinson on Elderly Care Homes - one story of a boy called Conor

The management and workers, for the most part, take this is further ‘evidence’ of the ‘illness’ of those in their care. How dare they criticise those whose daily work is to take ‘care’ of them, this, of course, drives the ‘clients’ into further depths of retreat from the world around them.

Billions of Pounds. Dollars, Euros, Yen and Rupees are spent every year on these systems of care, and a large percentage of those funds are taken off as profits by the suppliers to this vast Industry.

The ward workers, that is those who ‘work’ with the patients, the recipients of care, are typically the least trained and the least well paid.

Those with ‘careers’ with the care systems are psychologically trained as ‘teams’ of mutually supportive people engaged in a difficult yet necessary job; and the fundamental rule of the team is to support the team. Always support the team. Only constructive criticism is allowed. This is what they are taught from day one.

Critical analysis is impossible in such an environment that does not take the criticisms of those who are receiving the care provided.

This translates into being told that any critical analysis that might arise from within the team, no matter how well explained or justified, is ‘negative’ in that it is not supporting the team. “You are being negative. You are breaking the team!”

“Whose side are you on?”

No mention of the non-team on the other non-side, the recipients of the ‘care’ the ‘team’ is supposedly ‘providing’. No real advocacy for those real human beings, as vulnerable people in an invulnerable system.

No mention of the now widely known and well understood dynamics of intergenerational distress and abuse that lead to severe breakdowns of a persons psyche. No mention of the feelings and sensing’s of those who are so troubled by these dynamics, through no fault of their own, and who do not ‘fit in’, who give the lie to the illusion of Society and it’s assumed beneficence.

Psychological Distress is not a life choice.

Blame is not an appropriate word to assign to those whose natural response ability has, for whatever reason, broken down. Control is not an appropriate response to the presence of people whose psychological distress is evident.

Lacking in real empathy, administering more control than care, the systems of ‘care’ as they currently exist are in reality a deepening of the abuse dynamics that led to the psychological distress in the first place.

And the massive and widespread denial of these facts is akin to the actions and mind-set of The Vatican, as it avoids any calls for true empathic response ability, with regard to the many hundreds of thousands of children who have been abused whilst in it’s ‘care’.

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