Tuesday, 19 October 2010

On Big Business

A letter from Big Business urging George Osborne owards with the 'cuts'.

To all those who claim big business generates the taxes that the Government spends... WRONG.

Who buys the products with built in obselesence?

We do, consumers, families, on the pittance Big Business throws our way in compensation. Because we have no choice, as durable goods that last for many years are rare.

Who exposes their children to scientifically applied 'nagging' marketing?

We do, because there is no alternative. Big Business has seized all public space for it's propaganda. And is busily finding 'creative' ways to invade private space as well.

Who takes a slice of every transaction between food producers and our tables?

Big Business: through it's myriad of subsidiaries and shell companies.

Who makes processed foods that are a root cause of about 80% of degenerative disease, which costs the Health systems of all State so many billions - much of which is profit for those Big Business suppliers to State Health Systems..

Big Pharming. The simple and ugly elegance of this particular scam was outlined in some detail by Anne and Harvey Diamond in the early 80s in their soft-cover 'Fit for Life'. The data on this is now vast!

Who makes a profit out of 'care' and most often gets it badly wrong?

Private Care Homes. Who were foisted on our elderly, under the impression that private enterprise would upgrade the lived experience - well, Gerry Robinsons programme on that very subject last winter made it really clear that is NOT the case. And the Government chimed in with a policy that demanded that the elderly sell up and move into these homes (to fund the programme, thus converting their homes into someone elses profit)

Big Business functions to convert 'resources' into profits - the means to do this are the  sale opf mostly useless products and services, (80% of all consumer goods inthe USA are placed in a bin within 6 months of use - The Story of Stuff : http://www.storyofstuff.com/ ) and they are a morbid compensation offered to the majority in teturn for their toil in work that is not for their own benefit, and often not at all satisfying, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually.

The lack of adequate analysis and empathy in those who blow the trumprt of commerce is equal to those who blow the trumpet of what passes for corrupted Governance as we know it, be it centre, right or left - which is fundamentally the legalistic contractual licensing of Big Business to do as it will and earn those amassed profits at the expense of all but themselves, and the illegitimisation of any one who dissents and or provides an alternative vision of Society, and of course, with the added topping of  exercising that nasty urge to take an good hard kick at the under-dogs, the very much less well-off, the vulnerable, the damaged.

The unwillignness of Big Business and or Governance to honestly enagage with those alternatives in an open discourse on the best possible future for all our children belies the strength of their logic, practice and propaganda.

The truth is in this Society the many work for the opulence of the few, and the poor, damaged and vulnerable are fair game in the war to preserve comfort over dignity.

Big Bollocs! more like it. One has to have BIG BALLS of some kind to write such a letter under such circumstances where the people's debt is due to in large partt Government borrowing money from Banks to bail-out Banks, for conducting long term policies that have made nearly all people into debtors, finally stooping so low as to offer 'credit' to poor people in crap housing to buy the house and 'do it up', and than claiming that Society (apart from big business) and Nature must pay the costs, whilst the bankers suggest the price!

It's almost as good a con as the "God Loves you and HE NEEDS YOUR MONEY!" scam.

That both are frankly unbelievable is borne out by the formers imposition of it's creeds upon small defenceless chidlren, and in the latter case, by the walled enclaves and hired guns euphemistaclly called 'security contractors' of the super rich (Monsanto now OWNS  a good proportion of Xe, which was formerly known as Blackwater) and the existence of poverty itself.

Here's George Monbiots article on the list of quangos the media DID NOT Examine....

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