Monday, 25 October 2010

Huge areas of woodland to be sold by government

Headlines this weekend :  Forests for sale by UK Government!

Ian Duncan Smiths comments on the utility of buses, with regard to seeking gainful employment in an economy he and his colleagues are decimating!

Hang on a second! This is nuts!

Who caused  the major 'economic' problems?

The Bankers and The Economists and The Politicians, that's who.They MAKE policy. They see that it is enforced. Gold Command.

Oridnary Taxpayers did nothing other than live within the system the three Pillocks of Society built. Most of us are so not within the command structure. If we had a command colour it would be transparent. Null.

Yet the Ordinary Taxpayers are now being asked to watch whilst the very poorest, the long-term unemployed, the vulnerable elderly, the distressed, the unwell .... (all of whom pay quite a few taxes, apart from income tax, by virtue of their spending the most if not all of their 'benefits' back into the economy), are beaten into oblivion.

So who ought to pay?

I say transfer all Crown Land, Heritage Land and Private Estates immediately to the stewardship of The People, knowing as we do, as now accepted by virtue of the masses of peer reveiwed Science that proves the case, that permaculture, forest gardening and smallholdings can work better with the land than industrial farming, large estates or the few allottments that remain because those processes build in the fecundity of the soil and biota, year on year. Urban allottments ought to be an absolute priority.

It would also mean decent work for many millions of people, (and there would be many takers of the opportunity to decamp the cities) and not least the long-term strategic security of a more natural local based food cycle that is not damaging the habitat.

What's not to like about this? Long-erm employment for millions of happy people, happier children, long-term food security strategy all rolled up in one?

The fact that it cannot be done overnight ought not be seen as grounds for any objection. We could start now.

However none of this would benefit the 'economy of the bankers'. It is their 'economy'. The own it and they run it. The Ordinary Taxpayer is simply forced, by birth and circumstance, to live within in it.

Gross National Happiness is an irrelevance in State which has the dubious honour of hosting the unhappiest childhood experience of any 'developed' Nation. And is doing what it is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. These are not happiness creation programmes.

I say make the Bankers, Politicans and Economists personally liable for the itent and consequences of their decisions. I say intent, because in nature, results always indicate intent.

The poorest, most vulnerable folk in the UK are being targetted. By those who have most responsibility for the situation. Who will pay far, far less, in terms of relative wealth and in terms of stressing conditions imposed by the cuts to public services.

And they are ignoring the DATA regarding the environment, farming and stewardship.

Both acts are abusive, and criminal.

This cannot stand. 

And sometimes one has to somehow laugh at it all, to thwart the Bankers, Politicians and Economist dubious claims on intelligence. Or even common sense. These are partners, they go hand in hand. Though not whilst walking down Wall Street! Nor do they entwine themselves in the corridors of power. Clever is not neccessarily intelligent. It's cleverness that allows the environment to be degraded to the extent it has thus far. Criminal cleverness. Utter stupidity!

Unlike that old saying by George Carlin 'MILITARY INTELLIGENCE - two mutually exclusive words!" which is to say intelligence without common-sense empathy is lethal. - George Carlin, Who owns Society?

and - Corneilius, Bears don't shit in the woods no more.

And after the laughter, comes resolve and action....

Kindest regards


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