Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Open Letter or Media concerning the resignation of JIm Gamble, head of CEOPS!

To the Editor,

The resignation of Jim Gamble, who heads the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, a  former police officer, is a worrying event.

His reason for leaving implies Government interference in the work he and his teams are doing.

It chimes with the BBCs recent sycophantic coverage of Pope Benedicts recent 'state' visit.

It would appear that the subject of child abuse, be it by individuals or by Institutions, is not one the mainstream media have any great willingness to investigate or to cover in depth.

Again and again the Survivors and their view of their stories, and their intent in going public, is marginalised or worse, hyped as a horrr story for others morbid fascination - to sell copy!

Indeed, the report in the Guardian, and circulated worldwide by AP, on September 17th, on my 'protest' outside Lambeth Palace was somehwat inaccurate. I never said the experience was 'cathartic' as quoted. The article stated that I did, and implied that as such it was a good experience for me. It was not.  The article was good for the Pope, as it portayed him in a relatively good light.

What will be good for me, and probably for many Survivors, though I cannot speak for anyone but myself, is to see those who cover-up face us the survivors in an International Tribunal.  And to see those who caused so much damage prosecuted and imprisoned.

Furthermore, I want to see a real open discourse on this matter, based on what is known about the frequency of child abuse throughout our Society - it is not so rare, so slight, so uncommon that it is less important than crimes that are relatively rare, such as teen stabbings, which get plenty of coverage.

Inaccurate or unwilling, either way the media is now close to complicity with those in our Society who abuse children.

None of which will help to protect our children.

As a Survivor I find this appalling, traumatising, and yet not at all surprising.

Like many Survivors, I long for honesty and empathy in place of sympathy and charity.

And like many, I will not desist in asking for that. To do so would be to betray myself, and all other Survivors as I was betrayed by others into whose 'care' I was placed..

Kindest Regards

Corneilius Crowley



http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/oct/04/chief-online-child-protection-quits - press article on the resignation of Jim Gamble

note : the apparent resistance by various authorities to calls by many concerned citizens investigate the Hollie Grieg case and many others like hers is deeply troubling. This move to shut down or remove the independence of an agency that has had some success, under the guise of 'cuts', is wrong on every count.  The money 'saved' is a pittance -£11 million annually...

There appears to be no justifiable reason for this action by Teresa May and the Coalition. So what are their true reasons?

I don't know.

What I do know is that guesswork on this matter will not suffice. Pressure from a concerned, activated and determined citizenry ought not be the sole driver of this important work. Harrassment of campaigners from Authorities is less than welcome, and hints at a darker reality.

Kindest regards


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