Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tory Education revealed for what it is : A return to Poisonous Pedagogy

Head teachers in England will be able to discipline pupils "any time, any place, anywhere", says Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Addressing the Conservative party conference, Mr Gove promised tougher powers for head teachers.

Gove is pushing what is known as poisonous pedagogy. He lies when he claims that children are condemend to a prison house of ignroance because Teachers authority is undermined...  he sneers BECAUSE he knows he is lying:  he employs rethoric because the truth is that the predominanat teaching methodologies FAIL children, the burden of bureaucracy that teachers endure FAILS the children, the focus on rote learning, tests, tests, tests and the qaulity of text books FAILS children and the training of teachers FAILS children.

He is attacking all those who have been working damn hard to bring reform to the old system BECAUSE the work they are doing is changing perceptions, as much as proving the harm that tradtitional Education inflicts.

And his solution is to turn heads into Policemen, teachers into adminstrators of punishment, and to re-instate the BULLY as the prime motivator of children.

Quick translation of his speech. "Let's whip them into shape!"

National Union of Teachers initial response

My response :

Watch this TED talk by Sugata Mitra on self organised learning.


Micheal Gove, the current Education Minister, and all those who are part of the current Complusory State Education System and the Industries aligned with that system : when you subvert the natural self organisation of learning, YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE POWER OVER CHILDREN TO FORCE THEM TO 'LEARN' unwillingly, and THIS IS THE ROOTS OF the childrens rebellions : now that violence is no longer accepted against chidlren, you are using psychological coercion, and so the rebels use what is left to them.

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