Saturday, 16 October 2010

On Human 'Rights'.

The concept of 'human rights' has a serious flaw, in that 'rights' are granted, by some form of authority, and equally can be withdrawn, or altered in definition, as we see. This flaw leads to and emerges from an acceptance of Authority, a percieved need for Hierarchy, which has no correlate in the Natural World which we are, biologically speaking, an expression of.

Culture and Biology are very different, with this in mind: The core biological functioning of every living cell is to improve the habitat for all life. This is easily observed in the wild. That same fundmental applies to us as bio-logical organisms.

It is therefore more appropriate to speak of innate and natural expectations that if fulfilled, lead to optimum health, not only fot the organism, but for the entire habitat. Air to lungs, food to the belly, light to eyes, EMF singlas to tiny cells rigged for perception in that manner, faeces to ground and to bacterial breakdown into metabolised nutrients.

Being innate and intrinsic, they cannot be granted, but simply recognised and responded to appropriately, so as to improve the habitat for all life. Or not. They cannot be denied, simply obstructed. They are ever present, even in the moment of darkest oppression.

Being a biological imperative, they operate from the grass roots UPWARDS, and in reality, all directions, as Nature is a non-linear living process.

One the fundamental of this is recognised, and integrated, a different discourse regarding the welfare of people and plant must arise.

It is one long overdue.

As for human conflict being inevitable, it is not. Choice is always present. Informed choice is a distinct possibility.

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