Friday, 15 October 2010

Media Miss the Point, Again...... this is infuriating!

 A head line for October 14 2010  :

Tax investigation could land Pope with €8bn bill
European Commission to investigate exemption allowing the Vatican to avoid paying £2bn a year levy on 100,000 properties
By Michael Day in Milan

"The development is the latest blow to an institution that has been rocked by an annus horribilis following the global clerical paedophilia scandal that broke earlier this year, and investigations into money laundering."

What is wrong with the media?

For 20 years or more Survivors of Church abuse have been bringing their stories as EVIDENCE not only of the abuse, but of the cover-up of the abuse and the active protection of abuser priests from public scrutiny and prosecution. For 20 years an more, Survivors have suffered delays, obstruction, mis-understanding, fear and resistance to the truth from almost every quarter.


What an utter falsehood! This 'story' broke many, many years ago!

Consistently, it is NOT survivors who write these articles, it is NOT Survivors whose opinions and insights are sought after, it is not Survivors who are asked for ideas on the possible resolution, it is not Survivors who are asked for their insights into how Power Relationships operate within the Society they were, unfortunately for them, born into.

The not so silent Survivors have no real voice in the media.

Why? What possible excuse or rationalisation is there for that abscence?

It is bad enough that the EU sees fit to 'probe' into the Taxation Status of The Vatican, yet has not launched a 'probe' into the endemic problem of the mistreatment and abuse of children in the 'care' of The Church; but that no-one inthe media no-one comments sensibly on this glaring omission is frankly unforgiveable, and represents an appaling abdication of mature response ability!

It speaks of a clear and widespread lack of empathy for Survivors and a profund mis-understanding of the nature of the problem, or worse. .....

An attempt to avoid facing this problem square on, for whatever reasons, abandons Survivors, abandons current victims and indictes the media as much as the The Vatican, the protectors of the abuser priests themselves.


Let Survivors tell their stories, for they HAVE survived, and they are many, and their paths to resolution, in as much as it has been possible, within their own lives are each a unique struggle for liberation, a font of lived wisdom.

Without their wisdom, you KNOW NOTHING!

And finally, to compare the Popes current problems with those of the Queen in recent years is ludicrous; yet there is dark mirth in it all....

Anus Horribilus!


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