Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter.........bunnies, music and compassion.

This weekend was Easter, it was the Zoastrian new year as well and it was also the Spring Equinox, with a beautiful full moon to boot.

For me it was a weekend of beautiful music, intelligent, compassionate people and also the appearance of the first buds of a soft, sweet Corneilius as a performer. Soft and strong, like the loo paper! lol!

I have been ranting a fair bit at gigs in the past few years, partly because I have been deeply immersed in looking directly at what is not working in our culture, at the wars, theh greed, the dysfunction, the consciously imposed plans for domination and control .... and partly because I feel there is a need and a place for the anger that comes from outrage to find expression. And also attempting to coming to terms with the reality of the needless mass pain that is inflicted as a result of those consciously crafted plans by those who seek power. I have found that I am not diminished in any way when I fully appraise the reality and allow myself to 'feel' what is going on.

Sometimes the 'rational' discussion that media engage in seems so ... heartless, devoid of hope or compassion, resigned to "well this is how it is, it can't be changed, so deal with it" sort of.....and the endless 'debate' in Politics seems to be merely a distraction, a sideshow to the underlying dynamics that make corporate greed, consumerism and fear the order of the day...

Thus I have been openly angry, openly unhappy, openly broken hearted on stage and on on-line.

This weekend I performed at a squat party as a dj, for the second time in two years (it's been that long since I was a regular dj at chill-out rooms) and I ended up playing three sets, ( Ilove to play, I am a stage slut!) about 8 hours in total. The second set, early in the morning seemed to ingnite the room, as I hit a really good vibe, and really felt into the vibe in the room. We were all in it together. It was gorgeous. I am so lucky to have such beautiful music in my possession, tracks I have found my self, and tracks given to me by some of the best djs I know..i9 was blessing all of them as track after track worked for the people inbthe room.......and it is the music that does the work, I merely select the tracks hoping it's the best track for that room, at that point in time. It's all about the dancers, the chatters, the comfort in the people....

It's all about the beauty. No need for a 'message' in that environment. No place to rant. Very refreshing indeed.

On sunday evening I did the Harmony Sunday at Inspiralled Cafe in Camden Town, and this weekend Dom, the owner, came into pass some feedback to us about how the event was going, feedback we needed....... he asked that we refocus the room so that the artists really had the peoples attention and suggested that we do 15 minute sets followed by a 10 minute break so that people could order food and drinks and chat....and geuss what, it worked beautifully.

The room was so attentive and the performers were all great. My own short set comprised 4 songs. Dom had asked me to include some different songs as I had always played the 'cup of tea' song over the past few months (along with my more rantier stuff!). So I played 4 of my sweetest gentlest songs, to match the quiet attention of the room, and it really showed me that it is my gentle, compaasionate side that is most effective in getting the message across. Everyone was intent on every note, every word. I was allowed in that environment to access the deepest emotions and feelings related to the songs, and there was also room for some humour too as I chatted in between the songs. A delight for all concerned.

set list

Keep on Moving, (keep on growing strong)
Expectations of Every Child
Love is not for Earning
The Heart Song

I also made a quick video, omn Saturday afternoon, before th gig, it's a satire, a parody highlighting the contrast in the money spent on war and the money spent on Easter Candy........

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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