Sunday, 16 March 2008

Grieve the 'official' Peace Movement

New Double A side Single to grieve the almost useless peace movement in the UK.

At the Rally in Trafalgar Square, yesterday, Saturday 16th March I approached a police officer and asked him did he know that it was 'conduct ancilliary to a war crime' to pay taxes to the UK Central Government. His reply was "It's more than my jobsworth" ....... this from one who took an oath to uphold and enforce the Law.

The lives of the children of Iraq are less than his jobs worth. The lives of our troops are less than his jobs worth.

6 years of war, of bloodhsed and chaos, which we are all of us, funding through our taxes, all these years and we have NEVER called for a general strike, the single most obvious way to bring down our Government and to force the return of our troops to their homes and the arrest and trial of the war criminals.

6 years of petitions to people who do not listen, and never have. We even re-elected the war criminals .

6 years of empty speeches, platitudes tokenisms while Brian Haw lives on the pavement outside Parliament with the help of a few solid supporters. Come rain, sleet, snow, frost or sunshine, Brian is there. Come the police to harrass and harm Brian he is stll there.

6 years of just one man, Chris Coverdale, reporting the war crimes to the police, demanding that they be investigated.

May Evans. Douglas Barker. Malcom Kendal Smith.

6 years of a few humane beings and 660 or so political 'animals' who sit in Parliament, of millions of mortgaged wage-slaves ignoring the plight of their brothers and sisters, and their children.

Actually it's more than 6 years. It's the base truth behind the lie of democracy in the United KINGdumb that the Empire exports it's horrors so that it's willing slaves consciences remain untouched.

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