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Nuts and Bolts of Western Civilisation

“it’s time to measure what we value most, rather than value what we measure most!”

The core values of mainstream political thought, which is what ‘conventional wisdom’ tends to focus upon, are not what we value as intrinsic to the human and humane experience. The reason for this is that for many millennia we have been ‘sold’ the mythology of Empire, we have been ‘spun’ a story that reflects the ‘wants’ of a powerful elite, an elite that holds they are the only ones who embody the ‘right’ to govern, and by that they mean the ‘right’ to exercise power over the majority according to their particular agenda. That power includes the power to decide who lives and who dies.

That this has led to the catastrophe of the war against terror, the degradation of the health of the environment upon which we all depend, to select but a few of the deeply unhealthy situations we are now faced with, is the truth of our present situation.

It is vitally important therefore to understand how this has come about, and what holds it in place.

1. Condition the children - prepare everyone for their place in the structure, filter out those who will not fit in. Demonise or dehumanzse them. Make them feel bad about themselves.

The education system is really a system of indoctrination that has been designed to modify the behaviour of all who pass through it. It was designed to fool all the people all the time. It sold the idea of ‘improvement’ so as to mask it’s true intent.

It was developed from studying the methodology of the Hindu system, because that was a system that was practically immutable. There was no mechanism within it for one to move up the ladder of the hierarchy. A very small minority held total power. When the British Merchantile Empire came to India, they could not dislodge the Hindu Empire, and thus the compromise of the Raj came into being.

In this, education has been the root cause of much of the problems we face today, because a child that has been adversely conditioned will never recover from that conditioning unless a situation arises to dispel the conditioned thinking, feeling and ways of perceiving the world the child has grown into. And in a society that is superstitious, insecure and excessively controlled, there are very few possibilities for this awakening to happen.

Those who set this indoctrination in place knew full well what they were doing, and in their writings to one another they were perfectly clear about this. That they did not hide their writings shows how fully assured they were of the success of their project.

The disruptive children in school are amongst the most healthy, for they show the falsehood of the system.

A clue to all this is in the oft used phrase “for your own good!”

Examine the fact that an adult will harm a child “for the childs own good”. Look at the reality of ‘bringing freedom’ to the Iraqi people!

2. Rig the Law. - Make the Law inaccessible to the majority, through expensive ritual and arcane language.

The law, like the processes of religion which ruled before it, was designed in such a manner that the ordinary person would have to engage a middle man, a form of ‘priesthood’ if you will, in order to engage in it’s processes. Much like the Church of the middle ages, the priesthood of the law, lawyers, barristers, attorneys, judges and the legislature act as the go-between for the ordinary people.

By this the system was able to dis-empower the people, and control them. And so it remains to this very day.

The Law was used in the transition to the Industrial Revolution to enable the Enclosure Acts which effectively meant that the mass of ordinary people could not grow their own food, and had to therefore depend upon the work available in the factories and their service industries to earn money to buy food. These Laws were enacted by and for the owners of the factories. Once the mass of people had ‘earned money’ as their prime resource, that led to the development of the consumer culture, which really is the production of useless products for profit and for distraction. (see 4. below)

3. Mask the reality. - Tell half truths. Market the product. Hide the conscious truth.

Like the Bible, the mythologies of Empire are constructs that are designed to look good, to appear to address the needs of the people, whilst actually re-enforcing the power of the elites. The ‘art’ of marketing is to modify behaviour rather than to sell the actual product on it’s own merits. Thus the product is bought because certain values are attached to it’s possession or use. Those values invariably resonate with internal insecurities, which the target audience is indoctrinated with through the education system and is largely unaware of on a conscious level.

4. Distraction is addiction. -Give them the games at the Coliseum!

Understanding the basics of addiction is essential to breaking the hold these systems have over us. Addiction is really a ‘distraction’ behaviour which arises because all of us have learned at a very young age to suppress certain feelings which we ought properly live fully. Growth though experiencing those feelings is of vital importance in the natural innate drive to reach our fullest potential. Those unlived out feelings lie within us, waiting to be lived. The urge to mature is the urge to reach full potential, and is a powerful energetic. The addictions serve to distract from the discomfort we all feel as a result of these unlived feelings.

Thus it is the person who is the active ingredient in the addiction, not the substance nor the pattern of distractive behaviour. This is why our culture demonises the addicts, and demonises certain substances that are used as distraction whilst approving of others, because in reality, those demonised addicts are those who are in some ways the most healthy, in that they refuse to suppress the symptoms of that induced failure to grow. By demonising certain substances one is thrown off the scent. They are demonised so as to confuse us, and to convince the rest of us that all is well. We know it is not.

6. Harm those who resist. - David Kelly. Bobby Sands. John Lennon. Brian Haw. Fela Kuti. Ken Sara Wiwa . Ghandi. Martin Luther King.

The final solution in the eyes of Empire is to use force, to go so far as to kill those who successfully resist, who evolve a way of thinking that exposes the Empires false clothing, and especially so if they begin to inspire others to do the same, if they begin to empower those around them. That the State reserves the right to kill, be it through the courts or through the use of Military force, ought to indicate the dreadful truth of this to anyone who thinks about it with any depth.

Using the Law and other tools, the Empire demonises a section of the people, calls them traitors, terrorists, criminals, anarchists, addicts and so those who are demonised, who are de-humanised become fair game in the eyes of the mass of conditioned people. The Jews in Poland. The Roma in Eastern Europe. The Africans in the West Indies. The Intellectuals in Cambodia. The Muslims in the UK. The Conspiracy Theorists in the USA. The demonised are different. Not ‘normal’. A threat.

And in the mythology of Empire all threats are to be ‘neutralised’.

7. Control access to food. - In nature all beings have direct access to their own food.

By controlling access to food, the powers are also able to adulterate that food. And they do. Because if our bodies are deprived of what they naturally need, of what they are evolved to eat and metabolise, they will suffer. We know now that that suffering is both physical, psychological, intellectual and emotional.

Studies have shown time and time and again that children fed good clean organic food respond with a higher degree of intelligence and physical stamina, amongst other things. We know that junk foods, sugar laden foods, processed foods and so on all contribute to ill-health, depression, extreme mood swings, degenerative diseases. In spite of the abundant research, governments still subsidise the bad food industry.

There’s a good reason for that, and it is this. We are what we eat and if we eat degraded foods, then our bodies and minds operate at below optimum levels. And that makes us easier to control.

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