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Make Wars History! Iraq and War Law.

Not many people are aware that under existing UK Law (The International Criminal Court Act 2001 ) and International Law, those being :

i The General Treaty for the Renunciation of War 1928 [The Kellogg-Briand Pact].

ii The United Nations Charter 1945.

iii The Geneva Conventions 1948,

iv The UN Charter 1945,

v The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

vi The Nuremburg Principles 1950.

vii the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court 1998.

viii Article 25 The Manual of Military Law.

IX The International Criminal Court Act 2001

the UK Government is engaged in, and is criminally liable for the illegal wars in iraq and Afghanistan that are wars of aggression, the supreme crime against humanity, under the Nurumberg Principles.

The UK Government is also in breach of the Kellog-Briand Pact and the other laws quoted above.

It has not, and never had, ANY AUTHORITY under the UN Charter to engage in this war.

The UK Government in 1998 ratified The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, and in 2001 enacted The International Criminal Court Act 2001.

This means that all those who were instrumental in planning and issuing the orders that caused the war to happen, and all who enable it to continue, can be tried before the ICC at the Hague as war criminals and can be arrested in the UK so that they may appear before the ICC to answer the charges.

It is the duty of every UK citizen to report this crime to the Police, that they might arrest those responsible.

Furthermore it is illegal tp pay taxes that support in any way any government that is committing a war crime.

It is therefore the DUTY of British Citizens to do what they can, under Law, to stop those crimes being committed.

To not do so makes each citizen, once they are aware of the Law, an ancilliary to a war crime.

Chris Coverdale and his team have done the research and have outlined the legal status of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and have collated the relevant information for your use at :

I urge you to review this information and to then report the crime at your local Police Station. You will be given a crime number, and at a later date, you will be interviewed so that you can detail the charges. The police are legally bound to investigate any reported crime.

I urge you also to refuse to pay any taxes to the Government, until such time as the war crimes are no longer being committed in your name with your taxes.

The procedure for both these actions is quite simple and more info can be found at their website.

The law is enforceable only by you and I, the citizens of the UK, none other. These laws exist and are fully functioning only when we exercise our will to see those laws upheld and enforced.

If your local MP, Peer etc has supported the War, then you can name them as particular war criminals. If we the people can indict and prosecute even one MP, then we can do do so for all those who are war criminals.

This is the only way we can stop wars.

By having those war criminals arrested and by refusing to fund the war through our taxation.

It can be done.


Together we can uphold and enforce the Law and bring the wars to an end.

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