Friday, 21 March 2008

Our Heart is an Intelligent, Cognitive Organ of Perception - use it!

I have been at my wits end lately what with Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and all the rest and how so many people appear to be sleepwalking though all of this..........

And in Education lies part of the answer. Part also lies in out hearts.

When people learn what education is about (as in the previous post ) they might well be, like I was, both relieved and angry. I hope that the anger of parents who realise what the state wants to do to their children, and indeed what it did to they themselves, that much will change, and rapidly. It has certainly empowered me to know the facts of the matter regarding education.

It also ties in with Alice Millers work in the psychological understanding of what happens, and has happened for quite a while, for children in our world from their point of view growing into our culture of Empire.

In clinical psychology, we now understand that a child, in particular those children who experience some form of abuse or family or social dysfunction, (common enough in our schools down the last 200 years or so), will often reach a point when the he or she realises that the adults do not ’get’ the child, the ’who I am’ of that child, and at that moment the child in facing that, experiences a deep sense of resignation " that things will never change!", that comes with a great feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and perhaps anger, all of which of course is more or less quickly supresssed as the child has to deal with the pressing realities of life. With this experience comes a shutting down of feeling. And that is the childs way of forgettting,of suppressing the unbearable truth, in order to survive....

Nonetheless it’s there, that ’wound’ if you will, in the heart of each of us.

Some do recover, the rebels, eccentric artists and others who make their own lives. Some acceptd by society, some not.

And it is to that recovery in the population of all those who have been through the system, who work and pay taxes, whose daily activities support the system that utilises war as atool of policy and power, that the Peace Movement must direct some of it’s attention to in order to really move onto the next level.

The turth must be told.

This documentary "Mindshock - Transplant Memories" shows how the heart is a seat of sentience, an organ of intelligence in and of itself!


This connects for me with the resignation of the child, the resignation of the people, because research has shown that the heart is what first senses in so many aspects, the brain being the secondary sensor, and the two working best in tandem. They inform each other. Education denies the intelligence of the heart, in favour of the taught thinking brain, a thinking which is conditioned to think in certain ways by the education.

By transforming the perception of the heart through this conditioning into the sentimental, the romantic or the sturdy, strong and brave, the other sensings and intelligence of the heart is masked, occluded. Denied.

We now know that it is much, much more than merely a sentimental symbol.

It is at the core of our sensing of who we are, at the core of our intelligence.

It is vital that we reclaim our heart intelligence, our innate and uniquely personal heart intelligence if we are to transform the affairs of humanity. And we are bleesed with two blessings in this. All of the above; the understanding of what has been done, the understanding of the role of the heart and also, happily for all concerned, all those who still live lives embedded in nature, the beautiful indigenous peoples of our Earth.

Their hearts are, for the most part, working with their brains.

For us, it will not neccessarily be a case of going back to nature to 'live in mud huts', though I am sure many will choose that, for our culture it will mean changing our values so that what we do to live, does no harm., and that we do this by consensus, not by being ruled.

Imagine Self-Governance with heart! Now there’s a vision for a future. Anarchy with healthy Heart Intelligence at it’s core!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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