Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Heads up!

After my rants I had a think and want to share this with anyone who is seriously interested in people power. I have written about it before.

Please check out The Power Inquiry, 2006, a two year look into how democracy in the UK could be turned on it’s head so that we the people make the decisions, by having well informed discussions at the community level, street by street, parish by parish, ward by ward etc....and then deciding, with all the ’politicians’ confined to implementing those decisions, much like the employer/employee relationship, only more complex and transparant.

The Power Inquiry advocated removing the party whip where there are political parties, having a recall process, (being able to recall any official with a certain number of ’voters’ expressing a no confidence), no private funding for ’politicians’, transparant lobbying and much more. ..........

They carried out experiments in ’participative democracy’ all over the UK, from schools through to councils, with much success, using ideas that are working elsewhere as well as working out new ideas based upon peoples input at the grass roots level....people are naturally good at solving problems whne allowed to.

You can read about it in their book, which is available online at

it’s a few pdf files. Read them,. really good stuff.

I read the book when it was published and it all made very good, common sense.

I also attended a conference, and worked with some very intelligent comitted people of ages ranging from 12 to 80......really inspiring.

David Cameron, Ed Milliband and Menzies Campbell all attended the conference, spoke ona panel on’stage, and gave lip service to the ideal, and then said later on, afetr the conference, that it was ’impractical’...quite patronising.. the media DID NOT REPORT or Publicise or indeed look too deeply into the Power Inquiry....for obvious reasons. The powerful do not want power invested in the people.....will not give up their fix, so to speak.

The people have to take power back.

I spoke to one of the sponsors, (an Indian Billionaire) who told me that the idea came about because some people feared a possible collapse at some time in the near future (5-10 years) and decided that people must learn to communicate and exercise power at the local level or all hell will break loose....

Suggestion : print some of the stuff out, pass the different sections to others in your collective to read, then have a chat about it all together, bringing all the ideas to each other..

Now that my anger has subsided ( I am, and always have been, really cut up about the harm caused to so many good people in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan and elsewhere, I cannot and will not switch off my feelings on this - they are all beautiful, real, feeling people who are being harmed - I feel the pain of this and it does not diminish me -it spurs me on.) I am looking to the solutions we must evolve and what others have done that actually works.

So check out the info, and if it makes sense please pass it down the line....

We are the media.

Kindest regards


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