Monday, 20 April 2009

Trauma, Society and the work we must do, all of us.

It is very important work to understand how this society, the one we (Europeans etc) have all been born into, industrial society, is built upon trauma, subtle as much as gross.

We all have two aspects to deal with in this : the personal (ones own story) and the trans personal (the institutions that are built by dysfunctional people to control other people - police, army, banks, education, prison.

Both aspects must be understood, and worked on. And especially in terms of the various movements and campaigns for change, if this work is not done, the those campaigns are de-facto limited to dealing merely with symptoms, and not root causes. This is the kind of dissent the system likes and tolerates because it does not threaten their position, merely asks them to be 'nicer'.... which they are adept at making it LOOK as if they are being 'nicer'....

Just to pass on some links for anyone who wants to follow their own research. - history of education set-up and back ground on those who made it so, and their ideas - dedicated to promoting awareness of the natural child, and how societal misunderstanding of the natural child affects us all - Alice Millers, whose main work, "The Roots of Violence in Child-rearing : for your own good" is one of the best on how society treats children, the history of written child rearing texts and societal compliance.. it's a translation from German so fairly challenging to read - more recent works such as "the drama of the gifted child" and "the body never lies" are a bit easier... but all are so worth the effort... - John Holt, author of "how children learn" and "how children fail" .... this and more on how children naturally learn ... inspired, and one of the best! - Sue Palmer, research on children's development, on how early schooling, TV, foods, media affects children's, plenty of research from neuro-science to support her observations...blows the use of 'genetics' as a source of distress out of the water - site for writer Oliver James, author of "Affluenza", details the psychological impacts observed in adults, which arise from early childhood, common in the industrialised world. Suggest parents of very young ought to be free of encumbrance to devote time to their children, funded by the state to avoid the depression and psychological distress common in industrialised society. Severe critic of profit/consumerism. Good research, blows the 'genetics' as a source of distress right out of the water... - David Smail,probably one of the best writers on 'Power Over Other's as trhe root cause of all human dysfunction. The way power is expressed is the problem, the rest is symptom. Great essay on Thatcher are the rise of the 'new age' healing business! Lots of his work is available on-line..

That's enough to get started.... all the best m8.

The following ideas around nature are my own, in that I originated the following concepts, independent of my reading : 'nature does not do stupidity', our 'cells are wild, so are we', 'nature works, so why are we so different', we 'project our concepts and ways onto the natural world, and cannot see nature the way nature experiences self, so we are lost in a country whose language we do not know - which is why industrialised society projects it's own power structures on to nature..."everything in in nature gets what it needs to thrive, bar being eaten"... "THRIVIVAL" ... "all living creatures have the innate learning ability to learn what they need to learn to master their being and to thrive in life"...

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