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Somehow, the ice has to break,

Somehow, the ice has to break, the illusion has to be penetrated, the conditioned reflexive defence responses must be seen for what they are. Industrial Society is a (disease) State that is expanding, thrashing the habitat of all living creatures, that is wilfully ignoring the costs to itself and others, in much the same manner as a crack addict destroys his or her body…

It is one thing to lay blame for this at policies, industrial practices, corporations, weapons manufacturers, bankers. It is another to seek to understand the core psychology of those who implement all of the above, and those who comply with instructions (authority) of the implementers.

And it is this second option that is necessary for any healthy change to become a possibility.

Contrasting the fundamental processes and facts of nature with those of Industrial Society, I see the following :

1. In Nature everywhere is food….. All beings receive what they need in order to thrive, there is food everywhere, even though the supply of food may have seasonal variations….

1.a In Industrial Society food is restricted to those who can buy food with money … thus all people must earn money in order to buy food. The ability to earn money is tightly controlled, with an elite 1% of people controlling the distribution of money to other 99%. These variations are imposed. Poverty is invention.

2. In Nature everything that is excess to metabolism is returned to the habitat in a form that others can metabolise, and the processes that enable this occur from the macro to the micro. This means that life is constantly being nourished on all levels. It is the basis for the continuity of Natural Life on Earth…

2.a In Industrial Society, excess is either hoarded as wealth or discarded and turned into toxic waste, thus robbing the environmental system of nutrients. That can only have one possible outcome.

3. In Nature, all young have the innate ability to learn what is needed in terms of physical mastery of self, intimate knowledge of the habitat such that each can thrive. The struggle for survival is merely a projection of Industrial Society onto Nature.

3.a In Industrial Society, it is assumed that all young have to be carefully conditioned, that they are fundamentally incapable of learning what they need to learn to thrive, that they are effectively blanks slates upon which society should write it’s own script. This is called ‘education’….

4. In Nature struggles to the death are rare, apart from when one form is eating another.

4.a In Industrial Society, struggles to the death are a regular occurrence, most often highly organised, and most often orchestrated as a means of establishing and defining power centres, known as States.

All of the above can be said to be obvious.

So how can it be that the obvious is ignored by so many people, such that 99% of the peoples living in Industrialised States comply with the status quo, and seem almost powerless to effect a recognition of the facts, never mind to effect realistic change?

The Myopia of Emotional Blindness.

It has to be the case that the human being is but one of many life-forms living on Earth. And that the source for the human being is Nature. The human being is a natural phenomenon, a natural being, part of the wild. The cells that make up the individual writing this or reading this essay are natures creation, they are natural and wild - yet the thought processes and behaviours of the collection of trillions of cells that is each human body are often not natural - they are the result of cultural conditioning.

The conditioning processes we are exposed to in Industrial society reflect the needs of Power and the use of Power. They do not reflect the processes of nature nor do they reflect the needs and processes of a natural human being. Thus the vast majority of the people of Industrial Society are exposed to conditioning processes that effectively de-natures the individual, alienates the natural self, and replaces the natural identity with another identity. That identity is one that serves Power.

This process has to be pretty robust, and it is, in that people will live 100 years of life and never realise that they are nature at the cellular level - they will live within the confines of the prevailing mind-set, imposed by Power.

The one core element that all this hinges upon is inculcating emotional blindness in the young at a very early age, in such a way that it is all but invisible to the individual and to the community at large.

The young must quickly become emotionally blind to the value of their own feelings and insights, a process that has to cause some pain and at the same time carried out in a manner that ensures each individual will suppress awareness of their pain. This is one of the basics of extreme physical training - be for animals or human beings.

Pain is recognised, yet at the same time accepted, worn like a badge of honour. This does not occur in nature - pain is information, and it tells creatures what to avoid or it lets them know there is something wrong. An animal or human being that is capable of ignoring his or her own pain is one that will continue to make serious errors, ad infinitum, errors that the trainer sees as desirable results.

And so it is with kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and beyond. Students learn to modify their behaviour so as to conform to the requirements of these institutions, by virtue of pain and pain avoidance. Shame, public humiliation, physical violence have all been used as teaching aids within the compulsion schooling systems. These days while physical violence is less common, shame and humiliation, the hidden results of ‘testing’ are rife. There is also the terror of ‘peer pressure’, much of it driven by commercial propaganda.

The lesson is conform or be outcast.

Outcast to where? The only place left to go is nature - your nature, your inner intelligence and sensing. Within. This has been the wisdom of the ages, and indeed it is the best place to start.

That wisdom has seemed as though it were alien to many in the west. When various ‘teachers’ and ‘gurus’ have spoken of this, many in the west have found it very difficult to ‘get’ exactly what was meant, we are easily confused by arcane language due to the conditioning processes we underwent and so looked inside, yet saw images gleaned from externals ….false images which reading and watching others produced. We have become emotionally blind to our own realities and replaced them with myths and fears of others.

The personal inner world is not of such images, it is of the honest feelings and sensings we have been told to avoid, to fear. Those who seek to control others know that that honesty is their un-doing.

And so we can start the journey by asking ourselves to remember our first responses to teachers and domineering adults. We all have at one time or another looked at the adults and thought “You are wrong!”. We were right. And thus honesty, fearlessly opening up to how we really feel, is the key.

Clean, happy organic food, grown for nourishment rather than purely profit helps greatly.

Reducing or eliminating the toxic influences of mainstream media, TV, movies and fear inducing conspiracies is also useful.

The point is to get to the original feelings, insights of ourselves, and to draw those out, to bring them into the light that they might once again threaten those who seek control over our very being, by rejecting utterly such controls, by trusting our innate life urges to love, to live well, to enjoy being who we are, as we find ourselves and to grow and change from there, exploring this existence with our own personal resources, which are immense.

There is room for hope, yet not in externals. We have the seeds for freedom in every wild cell of our being. Call to the wild in yourself, the natural, the honest child and follow the clues.

Here is a loopstation version of my song, Peace of Mind, in which I sing of the ways in which the natural peace within can find it's expression in the external world.

It can also be found on my reverbnation profile and player, a shorter version....

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Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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