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Discipline, the other side of Compliance and Teacher Stress..

Apparently Teachers are stressed. Yet unwilling to analyse in depth the roots of the situations and condition(ings) that are causing them stress. They seem to ignore their willing compliance, their own participation in accepting the stresses imposed upon them and the children they claim to serve. Have they stopped learning, so that they might then help others to learn? - What a farce! A dark farce indeed. The farces of darkness!

Have teachers become so unthinking, so unwilling to study that they cannot SEE the real world and it's history around them? Are they truly unaware of the agenda that underpins compulsory state schooling?

Certainly their Union leadership seems more concerned with the money they can earn, and the 'health and safety' of their members, whilst enforcing the compulsory schooling of the majority of our children, than they are concerned with challenging the basis for the system itself. They are thus like innocent prisoners campaigning for better conditions, and leaving the fact of their imprisonment well alone. THAT is not to be discussed.

All I can say is TOUGH! You morons! Wake up! You are being used to harm children, to make good factory workers, good pen pushers, good soldiers, good policemen, (the likes of which most green activists have met on a regular basis) and you are in denial! You are marketing compliance with a sick and toxic society. Get over it!

Though they are in this somewhat eclipsed by the moronic superstars of Government, Sir Alan Steer, Ed Balls and Gordon Brown.

Sir Alan Steers self-satisfied suggestions for enhancing discipline in schools amount to a conditioning process, a sweetened spy-ops behavioural training of children who are crying out for something that they can genuinely respect, who show that need by rejecting (correctly so) what is offered as meaningless.

Gordon Brown and Ed Balls are looking to coerce ALL children into community service of some form or other. Look at the legislation that might set that up, and in typical business style, there will be such a multitude of generalisations and vague definitions within it that it will be applicable in many different ways, it will also have sanctions built into it. And I bet that a good percentage of the thinking behind it comes from American think tanks and Foundations. Not that we will ever SEE those inputs. Sensitive Information. State secrets. It stinks. And luckily, there are those who dissent. But are they enough to impede these nefarious schemes? Only time will tell!

the details behind this 'community service scheme'... from a think tank!

- some comments from readers, replete with humour and common sense

- ordinary folk have much to say on this, some foolish, others issuing a warning!

Here's my version of Gordon Browns Article published in The News of The World : my comments in italics.

Young can boost community spirit
By Gordon Brown

EVEN in the face of these difficult economic times, the generosity and community spirit of the British people is humbling.

HUMBLING? You have no right to even utter such words, with your prancing on the G20 stage, your theft of the UKs Gold Reserves, your largesse towards President George W. Bush, notorious war criminal and torturer! You and your ilk IGNORED the people of England and Wales when you, and others like you said that the concepts and proposals for devolving POWER to the grass roots developed by the people of England and Wales and outlined in The Power Inquiry were ‘impractical’. Now you say their sterling effort to shore up the shoddy services your Government provides is ‘humbling’. The nerve!

Whether raising record amounts for Comic Relief or rallying round after disaster struck in the North Sea, we have seen communities across the country draw closer than ever to help and care for each other in times of need.

Only because you and your cronies have all but bankrupted social services or farmed them out to private corporations for profit, you disingenuous twerp!

What is inspirational is the number of young people who are serving their communities in endeavours from charity fundraising to green activism. We want to harness and encourage this community spirit.

Oh yes. We SAW that last week in London, the Governments desire to harness Green Activism, especially the Climate Campers… who just happened to be pointing out how ludicrous you Carbon Trading Taxation Schemes really are…how very inspiring indeed. Batons and shields, dogs and peppers spray, arrests under terrorism laws are deeply inspired, but not by the willingness of young people to engage, rather by the likes of Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and Mugabe! You’re in good company, Gordon.

Already three million young people give their time to community service each year, usually without recognition or reward, whether by helping in an old age home or tutoring younger pupils, campaigning on local issues or fundraising for global causes, organising community activities or helping deliver environmental projects.

And by ‘conspiring to commit trespass’ in Nottingham!

But (there’s always a butt to kick, isn’t there Gordon?) we can achieve a step change in the participation of young people in community service.

It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up.

YOU ARE GOING TO CREATE A BRITAIN? You have such great ambition for us! A nuclear Britain, fighting an unending Bogus War Against Terrorism is what YOU are going to create, by the sounds of things, m8!

Compulsory - no child left behind

That would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 hours of community service by the age of 19. This will build on the platform provided by citizenship classes in schools.

Yes, but you won’t be teaching the UN Charter, or The Universal Declaration of Human Rights or The Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights, will you, you ugly fat twat! Which is a legal requirement of countries that have ratified the UN Charter, which the UK has done. Funny omission that one!

As we set out our manifesto for the next Parliament, we will consider the best way of achieving our 50-hour goal. By building from compulsory citizenship studies in the 14-16 curriculum, we can create an expectation of national youth community service.

Create an EXPECTATION? What about our expectation that you and your buddies won’t scam the system, even by legal means? Eh? Eh? What about YOUR responsibilities as a citizen, employed by us, the people, the taxpayers…to be honest, transparent? Your predecessors Tony Blair works part-time for UBS and JP Morgan Chase, both of whom are shedding jobs like an Oak in Autumn.

And we can take immediate steps in the next school year to boost national youth community service. This will give thousands more pupils the opportunity to participate in community service and many more school-leavers the opportunity to undertake full-time and part-time placements.

Martin Luther King once said that everyone could be great because everyone can serve. And with our younger generations more involved in their communities, we can build a stronger, more united Britain.

You take the words of Martin Luther King and mire them with your foulness. You twist his meaning, his image, his soul to suit your insipid greed based banker inspired vision. You, who pay-rolled the slaughter of 360,000 Iraqi children under the age of 15, you who is even now sending troops to Afghanistan, you who is responsible for holding over 2000 children in ‘preventive detention’ in order the stop their parents from ‘vanishing’ into the so-called immigrant communities! You nasty, bloated, gormless bankers friend, YOU WANT TO GIVE more pupils the opportunity to participate in community service? By Compulsion? A compulsion is not an opportunity, and you know it! It’s a sentence!

Well YOU , m8! Are a great ARSE, and you serve none but yourself and those who direct you - the likes of RBS, E-on, UBS, JP Morgan Chase, Bae and the Saudi princes…. You miserable, fat toad.

Kindest regards


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