Monday, 13 April 2009


While the issues raised by the policing tactics are of vital importance, and rightly should be discussed openly and honestly, what has NOT HAPPENED is the open and honest public discussion of the issues that brought the climate campers to the Carbon Trading Exchange in the first place.

In terms of how Government and Business works, that is 'mission accomplished'.

Silence on the key issues has been maintained.

The violence directed intentionally at the Climate Campers AND the issues they were there to highlight are inextricably linked.

Those issues are both about violence as a tool of 'policy' and as an instrument of 'business'..... the culture we have been born into is founded upon the rationalisation of and the justification of violence against all creatures that refuse to comply or cannot be tamed.

'The Government Hates'

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corneilius said...

Please do not limit the conversation to the poilice tactics, as the media have been doing - please, please also include the REASONS WHY PEOPLE, especially THE CLIMATE CAMPERS, were there in the first place.... these issues have been off-air for the whole time, and the police violence AND these issues ARE LINKED = The Police Violence is prortecting the Governments FIG LEAF GREEN WASH and their compliance with the BANKSTERS, they are not seperate....

I hope that Nikki, the woman attacked by the POLICE, whose story will be published this weekend in the press, who is being 'managed' by whatshisname, MAX CLIFFORD, jade goodies publicist, has the sense to link the TWO... to use the public profile she will have to link and open up the discussion of the situation that broght people to dissent in the first place that has all but been closed down!