Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MPs Expenses - restoring confidence?

Gordon Brown put in quite a performance, reading the script to his annoucement that he was going to vote for changes in the expenses regime currently under the mdia and public spotlight, if not quite the microscopic detail we'd all like to see.

Gordon does a ham fisted job of appearing 'happy' - watch his expressions.... he's no way as good an actor as his predeccessor, though he is his equal in every other way - as in promoting the Iraq War of Aggression, promoting Nuclear Power generation in the UK by Foreegn Corpoations, toadying to the bankers and so on.

I just love the way his facial expressions change from bored to happy to doomed to confused and back again, and how he bounces cheerily as he reads the cues .. one can sense the slight delay, as if he is out of sync, (he is..) following the script rather than being spontaneous, which he is trying so hard to appear.

However, joking aside, two things came to mind, watching this bouncing Gordy 'performance'.

1. Are the MPs going to return the cash they have bludged off the taxpayer, by way of their extrordinary expenses over the years, just to show that they really are working FOR us?


2. Doesn't he realise that a lot more must be done to restore public confidence in the political and parliamentary process as they stand?

YES, of course he does, he knows exactly what he is doing, but he doesn't give a shit. He's continuing with the charade, the soap opera, while his Chancellor takes £15 billion out of public services, after handing over more than £140 billion to the bankers. And they both look forwards to future lucrative advisory roles and 'speaking engagements' when they leave office.

Nice work if you can get it! But nasty.

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